Campaign Management

Improve your marketing campaigns by opening up a channel for two-way customer dialogue. Manage the entire lifecycle of a campaign, using our powerful pre-built, automated, multi-step, campaign management solutions.

Communications Management

Speak to your customers as individuals in a single voice across all channels. Thanks to timely customer insights, your communications will be more engaging to improve response, cross-sell and the overall customer experience. Suddenly, a new-found efficiency and agility can fuel profitable growth.

Customer and Marketing Analytics

Understanding your customers and how to find more people like them is key to sustainable growth. With innovative geodemographic segmentation solutions you can create customer profiles to compare and analyse their lifestyles and purchase behaviours to optimise marketing strategies and increase sales.

Print and Mail Production

Personalise your communications and deliver true document integrity with Pitney Bowes range of print stream management software.

Digital Self Service

Give customers the answers they’re looking for and you’ll get the results you’re looking for. It all starts by treating each customer like an individual. Help them pay bills faster, increase purchases and experience tailor-made 24/7 service―and drive down your cost to serve.

Customer-Engaged Billing

Generate high volumes of the most well-designed, highly personalised statements your customers have ever seen, presented via their channels of choice. Identify the best-next-action for each customer without great cost or effort, and target messaging to achieve your most critical business objectives.

Call Centre Transformation

Capitalise on your customers’ undivided attention. Now you can grow revenue and increase loyalty by giving your agents the ability to engage customers, automate decisions and follow-up across channels with the greatest insight, speed and efficiency.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer engagements cut across multiple products, disparate technologies and distinct departments. To grow relationships, you need simpler, more effective ways to make connections, see opportunity and respond with relevance, speed and consistency throughout the entire customer lifecycle