The definitive source for Australasian petroleum exploration information

GPinfoTM combines a comprehensive and up-to-date database of petroleum exploration information with a powerful, easy-to-use graphical interface for viewing and manipulating data.



Accurate and comprehensive

GPinfo is the most detailed and up-to-date database of Australasian petroleum exploration information available, including over 3,000 permits and 26,000 wells.

Keep competitive

Monitor your competitors’ activities and keep abreast of developments in your region.

Powerful analytics

Visualise and analyse intuitively with persistent queries and dynamic graphical selections.

GPinfo desktop application and data

The GPinfo desktop application provides accurate, complete and up-to-date petroleum, geothermal and sequestration permit, well and company data for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Perform powerful queries and analysis, whether you are monitoring available acreage, tracking the activities of selected companies or generating permit ownership summaries.

Data updates are provided online monthly and are accompanied by an insightful e-newsletter summarising industry activity.

The popular History Dataset is an optional module for GPinfo that provides permit geometry and detailed permit ownership information ranging from 1991 to the present. It includes every petroleum permit that has existed in the region during that time.

GPinfo is offered as an annual subscription service with a fully flexible range of licensing options to suit all business models.


GPinfo Petroleum Permits Map

The GPinfo Petroleum Permits of Australasia Map is an attractive full-colour A0-sized wall map. Produced annually with industry support and assistance, it is the most accurate and up-to-date map of its kind and an essential tool for any company associated with the petroleum industry.




GPinfo Petroleum Permits eBook

This invaluable reference provides full permit ownership information for Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, listed by permit and by company. It is available digitally as a searchable PDF file, with quarterly updates provided free of charge over the coming year as part of your initial purchase. 




With GPinfo’s powerful and intuitive interface, you can:

  • View and interrogate wells, permit polygons and other graphical data via an on-screen map.
  • Create multiple persistent queries and perform dynamic data selections.
  • Intuitively explore the relationship between wells, permits and companies via hyperlinks.
  • Add your own data in any one of several industry standard formats such as SHP, MID/MIF and DXF.
  • Attach high resolution imagery in ER Mapper’s ECW format.
  • Create professional output incorporating reports, spreadsheets, maps and high-quality graphics.
  • Easily export graphical data for use in third party software via additional modules (optional extra).

The comprehensive GPinfo data includes:

  • All current petroleum sequestration and geothermal permits with attributes including participants and percentage ownership, operator, expiry date and work commitments.
  • All petroleum and geothermal wells drilled in the region (currently over 26,000) with attributes including location, operator, spud and rig release dates, result and status.
  • Full company information including details of parent/subsidiary relationships, as well as contact information for offices and key personnel.
  • Oil and gas field boundaries, pipeline routes, map sheets, coastlines, state and offshore boundaries, bathymetry and major towns.

Permits Map includes:

  • Maps of Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.
  • Permit polygons, well locations, field outlines and pipeline routes.
  • Detailed insets of areas of exploration interest at larger scale including the Northwest Shelf and the Cooper, Surat, Otway, Gippsland, Taranaki and Papuan Basins.
  • Available as a laminated or unlaminated A0 wall map.
  • An A3-sized version of the map is provided free of charge with every item purchased.

Permits eBook:

  • Permit ownership information for Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, listed by permit and by company.
  • Publication date June 2016.
  • This eBook is updated quarterly over the year of publication. Your subscription allows you a maximum of 3 quarterly updates from the initial date of publication.
  • Approximately 280 x A4 pages.
  • Supplied in Portable Document Format file (PDF) which is readable on all popular devices using Adobe Reader.