AnySite Australia is a powerful demographic analysis and business intelligence application, that helps organisations uncover valuable insights about their locations, customers, markets and communities.

A powerful demographic analysis and business intelligence application, AnySite® Australia helps organisations uncover valuable insights about their locations, customers, markets and communities.

2011 Census Data Availability
Users of AnySite® Australia will soon be able to access data from the 2011 ABS Census of Population and Housing. For further information,
please Contact Us.

Data Available within AnySite® Australia:

  • Over 12,500 demographic variables from the 2006 ABS Census of Population and Housing.
  • Forecasted population and income projections for 2011, 2016 and 2021.
  • Household expenditure estimates for every Census Collection District in Australia. 14 categories of expenditure are classified, broken down into over 100 sub-categories.
  • Lifestyle segmentation classifications, using CAMEO Australia.

Powerful Reporting
Export customised reports at the click of a button to a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and .CSV.

Alternatively, view statistics and charts directly on screen within the application by using ‘Quick View’ reports that dynamically generate information at each click on the map.

Easily link to your own business data to combine with demographic information and provide a more detailed report.

Territory Definition Made Easy
Users can quickly import and define trade areas based on any chosen geography.

For example:

  • Import postcode-based territory definitions from Excel to immediately view on a map, or
  • Define a trade area where 75% of sales originate, or
  • Define a drive time area where there are 5,000 households generating in excess of $100k per year.

Drivetime Catchments

Unlike traditional and simplistic analysis tools which are limited to linear distances when conducting demographic analysis, AnySite® provides the additional dimension of a routable road network.

This allows users to plot specific drive time and drive distance boundaries, as well as the standard km-based rings.

Hotspot for Targeting
Select and highlight regions on a map where chosen criteria are met.For example:

  • Show neighbourhoods where there are a high percentage of low income single parents.
  • Show neighbourhoods with a median income greater than $2,000 per week.
  • Show neighbourhoods with a projected increase in population of greater than 50% from 2006-2011.

Batch Processing: Automate and Save Time

One of the more powerful features of AnySite® is its batch processing capability, where a user can specify a set of actions to perform in an automated fashion.

For instance, an analyst might elect to export a site location map and sales report for every store location in their retail network. Be it ten stores or a hundred, once the actions have been specified the analyst need only specify ‘repeat’ and AnySite® will take care of the rest, freeing up them up to spend more time analysing results, rather than generating them manually.

Segmentation Analysis
Further your analysis using the AnySite® Segmentation Plug-in, an optional add-on module for the AnySite® desktop platform.


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