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Create and download custom QRcodes & mobile pages

Add a unique QR code to mail or other marketing materials to promote your business. Then connect it to a mobile web page so you can create a powerful interactive campaign.

Add a unique QR code to mail or other marketing materials to promote your business.

pbSmart Codesis a web-based software solution that allows you to create interactive marketing and promotional campaigns using Quick Response (QR) Codes. It's simple really! We've designed an end-to-end software solution that your business can use to start attracting more customers and generating more revenue!

Generate a QR code and easily link it to a custom mobile webpage which can include your logo, images, a coupon, a mobile survey, and a YouTube video.

You can also capture leads through adding an email address field or by linking your QR code to a Vcard, phone number, email address or any URL you select.

Add your QR code to a number of different types of printed media or promotional items that are designed to suit your business or industry. With pbSmart Codes you can create integrated marketing campaigns that place QR codes on posters, business cards, coffee mugs, t-shirts and so much more.

QR codes can be created and downloaded quickly and when done right can create a wonderful interactive and engaging customer experience. pbSmartTM Codes far exceed a typical QR code generator. It lets you not only generate a QR code but also create an integrated end-to-end QR code marketing campaign.

Feature pbSmart Codes Basic QR Codes
QR code generation YES YES
Customized messaging YES NO
Mobile-friendly pages YES NO
Branded online experience YES NO
Real-time tracking YES NO
Reliability and security YES MAYBE


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