Today, more than ever, communication is the cornerstone of successful relationships. For Canadian businesses, effective customer communication is critical to financial success, competitiveness and longevity.

But what does communication really mean in the digital age? Certainly more than it used to: Business communication now includes the electronic and physical mail, documents and packages that flow between an organization and its customers. It encompasses transactional communications like bills and statements, plus marketing tools such as direct mail, collateral, catalogues, telephony, DVDs and the Web.

As you might expect, Pitney Bowes is on the front lines of this communication revolution. While our name was once indelibly linked with mailing, today we are doing more than ever to facilitate business communication needs. We sum up our company-wide initiative this way: Pitney Bowes Does More.

It's not just a phrase, it's a promise.

Pitney Bowes Canada has realigned our industry-leading technologies under four key pillars: Create, Produce, Distribute, and Manage. We now create hardware and software solutions that scan, print, copy, fax, fold, insert and seal, in addition to leading the way in digital mailing technology. We've acquired leading edge companies like Group 1 Software, MapInfo and Digital Cement, helping to integrate every facet of a customer enterprise.

And did you know that Pitney Bowes geocoding software enables MapQuest to provide directions? Or that our technology allows eBay® users to easily calculate and pay for postage and access Canada Post shipping services? Everywhere you look, Pitney Bowes is making communication - in all its forms - more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

Getting the picture? With the help of Pitney Bowes, organizations of all sizes can now optimize each customer touch point - mail, online activity, call centre interaction and face-to-face transactions - while realizing cost savings and incremental revenues they never knew were there.

As you can see, Pitney Bowes Does More is not just a slogan. I'm pleased to welcome you to the new Pitney Bowes Canada, and I invite you to get all the exciting details at

If you haven't yet discovered everything that we can do for your success, we look forward to meeting you soon.


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