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Print to Mail Optimisation

Pitney Bowes Planet Press software allows you to merge print data with electronic documents at high speed, from virtually any source prior to printing and production.

Merge data with electronic documents at high speed, from virtually any data source prior to printing and production. Achieve your objectives by:-

  • Adding a personalised message to the document
  • Adding integrity marks to make sure the right documents get to the right customers
  • Combining SMS, email and fax with physical mail easily
  • Eliminate waste by removing out of date
  • Reduce postage costs by combining multiple documents into the same envelope.

Why Planet Press?

Planet Press allows our customers to bring their transactional documents to life and provides access to a host of benefits, including:-
Improved Cost Control through:-·

  • Elimination of costly pre-printed forms and stationery.·        
  • Optimising postal expenditures by cleansing addresses and avoided wasted mail.·        
  • Consolidating separate documents into a single mailpiece.

Greater Operational Efficiency through:-·        

  • Optimising staff resources by diverting print and mailpiece creation according to shift patterns.·        
  • Adding OMR and barcodes to documents to ensure document integrity for integration with a Pitney Bowes inserter.·        
  • Combining print and electronic distribution to deliver optimum response rates.·        
  • Archiving documents to provide easy access to duplicates and field enquiries.

Revenue Growth through:-       

  • Personalising mailpiece contents according to the profile of the recipient to grow direct mail response rates.·        
  • Bringing Boring and Bland Documents to Life through reformatting.·        
  • Adding colour to drive responses and improve the customer experience.