Spatial data discovery for better productivity and fast, informed decision-making

Having access to the right information is crucial to effective decision-making in any business. Compass Enterprise facilitates access to this information across the entire organisation, resulting in significant cost-savings and increased productivity.

Compass Enterprise is a complete data management solution for all forms of data including spatial non-spatial and physical data. It enables companies to understand the spatial context of data and improve geographic data management facilitating fast and informed decision-making.

This complete data management solution offers access to information across the entire organization resulting in significant cost-savings and increased productivity. 

A transformational complete data management solution

Compass Enterprise is a complete data management solution that delivers significant cost savings and productivity gains because it can be utilized by all employees regardless of discipline or technical ability.

The geographic data management tool is specifically designed to exploit the geographical or spatial context of data. When this spatial reference is combined with conventional metadata the business processes by which information is managed and extracted are transformed.

Maximize data value with a complete data management solution

By creating a single point of entry to the entire corporate data store Compass makes it easier for organizations to understand what data exists where it is located and what restrictions apply to how it can be accessed. Apart from maximizing the value of your existing data by making it more accessible the complete data management solution also saves costs by avoiding unnecessary duplication of data and the even higher cost of re-purchasing or re-acquiring data.

Find data quickly with Compass Enterprise

Using this complete data management solution a single item or a group of items can be quickly identified from thousands or millions of catalog entries by using a combination of search methods.

Compass Enterprise search methods include:

  • Locate data spatially using tools within a simple mapping interface
  • Filter data with user-defined search criteria based on its metadata values
  • Search for data that is contextually associated with a geographical location feature region or boundary

Many data management systems are unable to reliably find all related documents because of inconsistent metadata. However Compass Enterprise's complete data management solution enables metadata values to be validated from centralized pick-lists making it easier to find data.

Metadata standards

Compass Enterprise supports both flat and hierarchical ISO-compliant metadata structures. Metadata is used to record the purpose history usage format and context of data to assure users of its authenticity source and suitability.

Many countries have now adopted metadata standards for the description of geographic data based on the ISO 19115 Metadata standard. Compass Enterprise's complete data management solution supports the implementation of these standards including ANZLIC GEMINI FGDC and GMO3. Benefits of this complete data management solution include:

  • Enforced corporate policies
  • Reduced costs
  • Lower barriers to data sharing
  • Adaptation to changing requirements


The Compass Enterprise family of complete data management solutions

Compass Master
Compass Master is central to the Compass Enterprise data management suite. Compass Master manages the system configuration and Compass catalogs. Other products in the suite connect to the Compass Master database to enable searching of the catalogs managed by the Compass Master application.

Compass Voyager
This tool enables searching of the Compass catalogs from a web browser. This opens the spatial searching functionality to an entire organization. Users in the local environment can send data to their local application or alternatively use the embedded download process in the complete data management solution to access datasets from remote locations.

Compass Navigator
This desktop client lets users search against any number of Compass catalogs report the search results and open the returned datasets or documents. Users can also propose documents for cataloging in this complete data management solution and make data available offline.

Compass Commander
In addition to the features of Navigator Compass Commander allows data administrators to customize and perform maintenance operations on Compass catalogs as well as approve proposed catalog entries. With this complete data management solution user-defined classifications and customized metadata templates can be created.

Perform complex data searches with Compass Enterprise

This complete data management solution employs an intuitive interface that allows non-technical users to perform complex searches without any knowledge of SQL or other cryptic search languages.

Catalogs can be created on local regional or global servers which users can access from a desktop interface installed on their personal computer. Users can use the internet browser interface when they are working away from the office with this complete data management solution.

When working remotely without a network connection users can take the office with them by creating special-purpose off-line catalogs.

Spatial searching

Compass provides the tools to apply a spatial reference to datasets using embedded GIS technology. The process is iterative behind the scenes offering fast response but rigorous qualification of proximity.

Multiple document formats

Data administrators can catalog any digital or hard copy data and preview over 150 spatial formats with this complete data management solution. Online datasets can be opened into any compliant application.

Example data types include GIS documents (file system SharePoint) imagery CAD data and 3D models.

Document management controls

Compass integrates with Microsoft SharePoint which provides a rich and secure document collaboration environment within your organization.


Metadata is information about data. It describes the what when who and how of data. Spatial metadata incorporates additional information about the where component of data.

Compass Enterprise's complete data management solution provides the tools to capture information content with conditionality obligation (mandatory/conditional/optional) and repeatability.

Offline catalogs

Compass Enterprise provides the tools to subset data to a local desktop from the primary Compass catalog disconnect from the network and continue working.

Filtering and reporting

A powerful search filter is included in this complete data management solution allowing users to perform enterprise-wide searching combining both spatial and metadata searching. The resultant documents can either be opened published for reporting purposes or a subset created for use offline.

Flexible data model

Data administrators are able to build multiple catalogs for different projects and locations within an enterprise. Data Administrators can construct and customize catalogs classify the data by type and source and apply metadata templates such as ANZLIC or FGDC.

Alternatively this complete data management solution also lets users create a unique metadata group that best represents the intellectual property for their specific business.