pbEncom has developed an innovative and industry-leading range of products for advanced geophysical interpretation, visualisation and analysis to assist geoscientists in every sector of the natural resources industry. These will enable you to collect, process and better understand the complex relationships between physical anomalies and the geophysical fields they create. We have the tools you need to handle airborne and field-based magnetic, gravity, seismic and electromagnetic surveys used in mineral, petroleum and natural gas exploration, mining operations, environmental, engineering and the construction industry.

EM Flow

Designed for geological mapping, orebody search, salinity and other environmental applications, EM Flow is a fast and effective system for the display, processing and interpretation of time and frequency domain.

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Discover PA

Discover PA enables users visualise, analyse and process geophysical line data grids, modeling, images, drills, maps and 3D visualisations in a single interactive interpretation environment.

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Construct reliable geological models of magnetic anomalies in a fraction of the time of manual methods.

Simply point at an anomaly, choose a geological style and in seconds QuickMag will automatically construct a 3D model of the magnetic source.

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