Available downloads include an extensive portfolio of product evaluations upgrades and updates utilities and more. See below for a complete listing of full installation versions including documentation tutorials and example data.

GIS Software

MapInfo Discover 64-bit Bundle
MapInfo Discover 2015.2 Bundle

MapInfo Discover 32-bit Bundle
MapInfo Discover 2015 Bundle

Discover Viewer
Discover Viewer
EXE file 56MB

Discover Web Sync

Clients who do not have the latest version of MapInfo Discover can download the web sync MBX:

Discover Web Sync MBX
Discover Web 3D Sync MBX
ZIP files each 100KB

Discover Mobile
Discover Mobile 3.8 for Windows Mobile 5 6 or 6.5

Geophysical Software

Discover PA
Discover PA 2015

QuickMag 3.0 software
EXE file 48.5MB

This file contains an installation of QuickMag 3.0 plus documentation tutorials and example data.

EM Flow
EM Flow 5.23 software

Licensing Software
License Manager 8.74.1
EXE file, 12.5MB

This installation contains the latest version of the pbEncom licensing software including the network license server and client components. These client components are also installed by all pbEncom products released since November 2015.

License Manager Guide 8.74
PDF, 0.4MB

License Manager 8.73 for GPinfo 5.9
EXE file, 12.6MB

License Manager 8.69 for GPinfo 5.8
EXE file, 2.92MB