Print & Digital Communications Management

Streamline print and digital customer communications.

Strengthen customer relationships – and maximize postal savings – with unified, efficient and reliable delivery of customer communications across all channels

Print & Digital Communications Portfolio


Content Author

Put your customer messaging initiatives on the fast track

Create dynamic, personalised content for on demand correspondence, billing and account statements.

EngageOne® Server

Deliver personalised multichannel communications in batch or real time.

Take customer engagement to a whole new level. This high-performance communications hub uses sophisticated templates and application logic to weave customer data and custom content into compelling, cost-effective multichannel campaigns. 

EngageOne™ e-Messaging

Cut costs by going paperless with EngageOne e-Messaging

Use EngageOne e-Messaging to maintain brand consistency while enhancing message personalization in emails and texts. Improve customer care response. And comply with storage and retrieval legislation across multi-channel communications.

P/I™ Wizard

Transformation of statements and business communications into high-value TransPromo documents

One of the key benefits of P/I™ Wizard is the way it vastly simplifies job preparation, especially as industry trends usher in a variety of new applications, technologies and document types.


EngageOne® Enrichment

Boost the timeliness and efficiency of your paper and digital production.

Control active print streams, and easily enhance and modify print-ready files in real time, without disrupting operations.

EngageOne® Accessibility

Communications for the sight and mobility impaired

Strengthen relationships and meet compliance obligations by making communications instantly accessible on assistive devices.

EngageOne® Output Manager

Manage complex and highly diverse output technology infrastructures.

With EngageOne Output Manager software, you benefit from greater operational efficiency, productivity and accountability.

P/I™ Output Enhancement

Reshape the way you communicate to your customers

Real-time printstream and workflow re-engineering lets you reshape the way you communicate to your customers. Add highly targeted, relevant offers and messages and reap the benefits of one-to one marketing.

P/I™ Enterprise Manager

Enterprise-wide, scalable output management solution

Streamline complex, multi-site printing operations with P/I™ Enterprise Manager for peer-to-peer configuration across multiple sites, enabling you to easily balance printing workloads and provide critical overflow or disaster recovery capabilities.

Planet Press - Print to Mail Software

Print to Mail Optimisation

Pitney Bowes Planet Press software allows you to merge print data with electronic documents at high speed, from virtually any source prior to printing and production.


Step by step print to mail optimisation

Mailhub software from Pitney Bowes brings the benefits of cutting edge document and workflow management to enhance your mailings. 

P/I™ Direct Access Inserter Productivity Reports

Drive inserter and operational efficiency with comprehensive productivity reporting

P/I Direct Access offers up-to-the-minute data on operator and inserter activity with a simple point-and-click, consolidated production data and the ability to create custom reports.