Customer Analytics

Use customer analytics to improve retention and business results.

Combine real-time predictive customer analytics with multi-channel customer communication platforms to orchestrate all communications in the customer journey. Enhance customer acquisition and increase speed of customer onboarding.

Customer Analytics Portfolio

Spectrum Uplift™

Predict "the persuadables" that will be influenced by your marketing action

Spectrum Uplift empowers an organisation to go beyond traditional analytic segmentation and focus its marketing upon only those customers that will react positively to a message – while weeding out those that will buy anyway, will never buy, or could react negatively.

Portrait Foundation

Customer interaction fulfilment and provisioning

Portrait Foundation is a specialised platform that empowers your organisation to develop and execute the provisioning and fulfilment processes that result from marketing and CRM activity.

Portrait Interaction Optimizer

Convert inbound customer interactions into revenue and retention opportunities

Portrait Interaction Optimizer is a packaged application that sits behind your existing systems to provide the most accurate, targeted sales, service and retention offer, for each individual customer, at the specific moment of interaction, whatever the channel.

Predictive Analytics Services

Enjoy Advanced modelling and strategic consultation with our Predictive Analytics Services.

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