Print as you frank in high resolution colour
Print as you frank in high resolution colour

Spread the word about your Mailmark™ ready products and services. Print relevant graphics and promotional messaging that will engage customers and potential customers before they even open the envelope.

The Connect+ 1000 Digital Franking Machine provides a suite of applications that will ensure your mail is processed quickly and cost effectively.

Access an enhanced service by logging a service request from your franking machine or consult a Pitney Bowes operator using our e-chat function.

Save money by rate shopping for package and parcel shipments through your machine and understand your postage spend profile by accessing the suite of powerful inbuilt reports. This is valuable information that you don’t have to gather yourself and will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

View the applications that come with the Connect+ series

The Connect+ 1000 can save your business time and money. Read about its features and specifications in the Connect+ 1000 Brochure Want to find out more about the Connect+ 1000?


Interfaced weighing options 5, 7, 12, & 35kg
Differential weighing Optional
Accounting 100 standard Up to 500 optional
Stacking options Drop stacker or power stacker
Barcode scanner Optional
External USB report printer Optional
Print colour Postal blue, black & white, process colour
WOW® Weigh-on-the-Way® Not available
DOW® Dimensions on the Way® Not available
System dimensions With drop stacker Length 1,257mm x Width 635mm Power stacker adds 483mm to length Colour adds 165mm to length
Weight 27.7 kg
Print quality 1200 dpi
Processing speed (letters per minute) Up to 180 LPM Non-WOW
Color touch screen display/user interface 10.2" standard 15" optional XGA
Media size Minimum size: 89 x 127mm Maximum size: 254 x 356mm
Envelope flap depth 25 to 98mm (for sealing)
Envelope max thickness (Sealing) Up to 16mm
Features in built parcel rate shopping application
Learn how to save with in built applications
Greenbelt Case Study
The best thing about the Connect+ and MyGraphics is how easy it is to use. Julie Muir - MD Greenbelt