Save time and money, promote your business and generate revenue with every envelope!
Save time and money, promote your business and generate revenue with every envelope!

Promote your business in full colour across the full length of the envelope, top and bottom, front or back. The Mailmark™ ready Connect+ is easy to use with an intuitive colour touch-screen, built-in on-screen tutorials and programmable job presets... all designed to increase productivity.

Using colour really works...

Research by Leflein Associates shows that envelopes overprinted with colour promotional messages are up to 2½ times more likely to be opened than plain equivalents.

A survey by CAP Ventures found that colour envelope messages can deliver 34% faster response rates and a 32% increase in overall revenue.

Read more about how your business can use colour to increase profitability


Connect+ 3000 Features

  • WOW processing including automatic shape-based rating
  • Four speed options: 105/165 (standard) 135/220 170/270 and 205/310 LPM in WOW / non-WOW modes
  • Color ink printing
  • Automatic Commercial-Based Pricing (CBP)
  • Adhesive tape standard
  • Gummed tape standard
  • Open- or closed-flap sealing
  • New pump-fed pad sealing system
  • On-screen keyboard (full QWERTY)
  • Flexible printing
  • Peripheral Options

Drop or power stacker options

  • New platform weighing option 5kg or 7kg capacity
  • Existing platform weighing options – 12kg or 35kg capacity
  • Laser Report Printer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • High-Speed LAN Connectivity
  • 3G mobile connectivity available (subscription charge applies)

Color Touch-Screen Display

  • 15" standard

Interfaced Scale Options

  • 5kg 7kg. small-platform options
  • 12kg 35kg. large-platform options
  • Differential weighing optional


  • Drop stacker standard
  • Power stacker optional


  • MyAccount
  • Package Tracking
  • Royal Mail
  • Postal Tools

Software Options

  • From 300 department accounting (scalable to 3000 accounts)
  • Includes surcharge and weight-break capabilities
  • Energy Star mode

Core Supplies

  • Postal ink - three cartridge options: standard and large
  • Printhead life: 800000 cycles - customer-replaceable supply item
  • Tape 5" roll approximately 600 indicia per roll

Interfaced weighing options 5, 7, 12, & 35kg
Differential weighing Optional
Accounting 100 standard Up to 500 optional
Stacking options Drop stacker or power stacker
Barcode scanner Optional
External USB report printer Optional
Print colour Postal blue, black & white, process colour
WOW® Weigh-on-the-Way® Standard
WOW® weight limit 500g
DOW® Dimensions on the Way® Standard
System dimensions With drop stacker Length 1,867mm x Width 648mm Power stacker adds 483mm to length. Colour adds 165mm to length
Weight 63.6kg
Print quality 1200 dpi
Processing speed (letters per minute) 310/205 or 270/170 or 220/135 LPM
Color touch screen display/user interface 15" XGA
Media size Minimum size: 89 x 127m Maximum size: 254 x 356mm
Envelope flap depth 25 to 98mm (for sealing)
Envelope max thickness Up to 19mm
Learn how Connect+ will bring your mail to life
Need to make sure your mail is opened?
Colour messages improve open rates up to 2½ times
Need to make sure your mail is opened?