Borderfree® Marketplace

Technology and logistics solutions for marketplaces and platforms.

If your retailers aren’t global, they’re already behind. Borderfree® Marketplace is designed to ensure their international customers are aware of all costs associated with their purchase at the start of the shipping journey making it easy to build their brand.

With little to no development time and no upfront set up costs, you and your partners can serve up a localised checkout experience for your global marketplace customers in 64 countries with a single click.

Borderfree® Marketplace features


Robust product classification system

Our proprietary, ever-growing artificial intelligence classification system increases accuracy as more transactions are processed and the data warehouse expands. It also minimizes the risk of customs delays or penalties to product misclassification.


Prohibited goods management

We manage the process of identifying goods that may violate import/export rules, carrier restrictions or dangerous goods classification minimizing the risk of returns and customer service issues.


Fully-landed costs quotes

Our system guarantees shipping, handling, duty, tax and brokerage fees prior to checkout. This improves your customer experience and gives potential buyers cost certainty that helps with sales.