Does away with the need for a laptop and bulky conventional projector.

  • Colour Systems
  • MX-2300N Copier Printer
  • MX-2600N Copier Printer
  • MX-3100N Copier Printer
  • MX-4100N Copier Printer
  • MX-5100N Copier Printer
  • MX-6201N Copier Printer
  • MX-7001N Copier Printer
  • MX-310 Copier Printer
  • MX-311 Copier Printer


Our laminating solutions give your documents a professional finish while protecting them from dust, moisture, tears and tampering.

Letter Openers

Automate the process of opening incoming mail and make your business more productive.

Office Shredders

Securely dispose of sensitive data, documents, disks and credit cards with our range of quality office shredding machines.

Mail Scanners

Mail scanners quickly and reliably scan incoming mail to identify threats from razor blades to bombs - items that could injure your staff and have a negative impact on your business. They also help to prevent false alarms.


5kg stand alone postal scales powered by USB or 9v battery.