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Meters/Mailing Systems

Franking Machines, Folders, Inserters, Printers, Office Products

DM50/DM55 (K721)

DM60 (K722)

DM100/DM150/DM200 (P720)

DM110i/DM160i/DM220i (PR20)

DM300C/DM400C (G920)

DM300M/DM400M (G922)


Relay Inserters (2000-8000)

Relay Communication Hub

DI900 Folding Inserter

DI950 Folding Inserter


DM60 (K722)

Software Solutions

Campaign Management, Communication Management, Customer & Marketing Analytics, Data Management, Data Products, Infrastructure Asset Management & Location Intelligence

Software Solutions Support

Online Support Services


DMT/Production Mail

High Volume Inserters, Printers, Mail Sorting & Finishing Solutions

Production Mail Support Services

Contact Production Mail Engineer


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