Once your franking machine has arrived, you’ll want to set-up as quickly as possible to ensure your business starts benefiting immediately.
Just follow this simple guide to setting up your equipment for a quick start, this guide covers details on: 

  • Installing your equipment  
  • Getting training
  • How to add postage to your meter
  • Returning your old equipment 
  • How to put an ad plate on your meter 
  • Getting a refund on old consumables
  • Locating your serial and meter number
  • Jargon buster 

If you have self-install equipment, we strongly recommend that you take 5-10 minutes to familiarise yourself with the install guide, which can be found in the box with the equipment, this will provide you with quick, easy to follow instructions.

Installing your franking machine

No matter what equipment you have ordered, the process for getting your equipment installed couldn’t be easier.

Tip:  If you have an old Pitney Bowes franking machine, you don’t need to run down the postage on your old equipment before installing your new one. Pitney Bowes will collect your old equipment, it will be decommissioned by us and the Royal Mail, and any remaining postage will be transferred back to your Postage by Phone account within a few weeks.

Getting training

Self-install franking machines
Which includes models:DM50™ /DM55™ /DM100™/DM200™/DM300™ series.

Engineer install equipment (For franking machines not mentioned above.)

If your franking machine requires an engineer to install it, you’ll automatically have training on your equipment. Training will take place during installation and timing will vary, depending on the complexity of your equipment.

Returning your old Pitney Bowes equipment

You will find everything you need to arrange the collection of your old rented Pitney Bowes equipment in an envelope marked ‘Instructions for return of old equipment’, which is found within the new equipment box. If you didn’t receive this, click here to download a collection request form now.

Self-install equipment

Package up your old equipment, as detailed in the instructions, and complete and fax back the ‘Collection Request’ form to the number given. Our Collections Team will then arrange for a courier to collect the equipment. If you are returning an old franking machine, any unused postage will be transferred back to your Postage by Phone account after Pitney Bowes picks it up, and it is decommissioned - around 4-6 weeks.

Engineer install equipment

Your engineer will make all the necessary arrangements.

Tip:  Use the box and packaging from your new equipment to send back your old equipment safely. If you wish to use your own box, please ensure that the returns label is situated on the outside.

Additional Information for Franking Machine Customers

Adding postage to your meter

If you have a franking machine, you’ll need to add postage credit to your meter in order to start benefiting from discounted metered mail.

Your serial and meter number

This can be found on the back of most self-install equipment or on the sticker placed on the front of the machine. Please note that if your equipment has a separate meter and base (such as DM200™/DM300™ series), you will need to read the meter number before it is placed onto the base, as this will obscure the number. If you have engineer install equipment, the engineer will inform you of your meter number whilst installing it.
Tip: All the relevant account and serial numbers for your equipment will also be sent to you in a Welcome letter / email.

Loading envelope messaging onto your meter

Your personalised message which sits alongside your frank mark will ensure your mail works harder for you. If you have forgotten to order your FREE envelope messaging, click here and place your order online today.

Jargon Buster

Envelope messaging – the space to the left of the frank mark, which can be used to advertise your address, website or promotional message.

Consumables / Supplies– goods required to run the equipment – such as ink, labels and envelopes – as well as everyday office accessories.

Frank Mark– the stamp that the franking machine prints onto the envelope.

Meter Reset/Meter Refill– the act of putting a postage credit on your franking machine.

Postage Meter– another term for a franking machine.

Setting Number – a unique combination of 6 digits. This is given to you when you refill your machine.

Town Circle/Town Die/Town Smartcard– the town postmark which is stamped onto the envelope.