Address Management

A manual updating process of your address data base can be expensive and time-consuming. Address and deliverability validation solutions such as data quality and address change can close the loop on customer communications.

Inserters Folders & Tabbers

Give your communications a professional look with quality folding machines, inserting systems and tabbing solutions.

Mail Openers

To automate the processing of incoming mail, from envelope cutting to trimming, mail letter openers help your business operate smoothly and efficiently. See how Pitney Bowes can help with your mail opening needs.

Mail & Parcel Sorters

Streamline and add integrity to your mail handling processes with Pitney Bowes automated sorting solutions.

Mailing & Postal Compliance

By adding automation to your mail processes, from address cleaning and verification to sorting and sending, our compliance-focused mail software solutions allow you to take advantage of greater postal savings.

Mailroom Furniture

Shared workspace and communications centers can be a challenge to organize for efficiency. Your employees deserve a workspace that enables them to be responsive, organized and accurate with their work.

Postal Kiosks

Imagine: the advantages of your own automated, on-site post office for your staff, your employees, even for students on campus!

Postal & Shipping Payments

Grow your business efficiently with postal, shipping and permit payment solutions from Pitney Bowes. Our consolidated billing options allow you to simplify your billing and help ensure your mailing always runs smoothly.

Presort Services

Learn how you can save money on postage while ensuring your mail is delivered closer to its final destination with Pitney Bowes presort service solutions. 


No matter how large or small your printing needs - find solutions for digital color, document, envelope, office & production printing.

Global Parcel Management

Manage your parcels with our outbound shipping management and inbound receiving tracking solutions.  These solutions help reduce your parcel shipping and receiving costs and increase efficiency and visibility for total parcel management across the organization.


Every office has a need for security, disposing of sensitive data and documents. See how Pitney Bowes solutions can help serve your security needs