Give your communications a professional look with quality folding machines, inserting systems and tabbing solutions.


Our high performance material feeders can integrate within a console inserter or work with an offline standalone transport to help streamline your high volume mail processing.

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Automated folding equipment can dramatically increase productivity and decrease costs. See how the range of Pitney Bowes folders can help get out your important mail faster and more efficiently.

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Inserters - High Volume

Our high performance mail finishing solutions offer a unique combination of productivity, flexibility and integrity. See how Pitney Bowes solutions can help process your complex billing applications—or just a simple marketing campaign—with the highest level of accuracy and at the lowest cost.

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Inserters - Low/Mid Volume

Automated inserting equipment can help fold and insert your mailings, increasing productivity and decreasing overall costs. See how Pitney Bowes can help make your processing faster and more efficient.

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Are you looking for a closure solution for your self-mailers, catalogs, or other mail? Tabbers will seal your mail while helping to ensure your postcards, brochures, and booklets meet postal requirements.

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ServiceWorks Services are our value add and equipment support services designed for high volume inserters and are focused on increasing your production mail environment performance and productivity.

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