Woori Bank is ranked as the 65th bank in the world with assets totaling USD28 billion as of 2007. Dealing with their clients' wealth management and financial planning Woori Bank processes hundreds of thousands of accounts daily. They chose Pitney Bowes mail finishing solutions to increase their mailroom productivity and nullify mail matching errors.

Woori Bank's growth in the financial sector as well as expansion overseas resulted in a major increase in mail volume. The existing inserters that were installed five years ago could not keep up with the increasing mail volume as the inserters' average throughput was about 2500 – 3000 envelopes per hour. Productivity was greatly diminished and Woori Bank risked not being able to update their clientele on-time.

Due to the overwhelming mail volume the existing inserters displayed frequent errors during matching. As Koreans (Worri Bank’s primary customer base) prefer personalized mail using closed face non-window envelopes the inserters had difficulty matching the right mail to the right envelope. This actually led the staff to halt the insertion processes at each hundredth mail cycle to perform manual visual checks to verify correct sequence of mail in the envelope.

Pitney Bowes APS22 inserter (forerunner to the Pitney Bowes Mailstream Productivity Series inserter) with "Line Scanner" and "Output Camera" provided the ideal solution for Woori Bank which increased mailroom productivity and nullified mail matching errors. The "Line Scanner" offered Woori Bank greater flexibility in choosing different template designs and materials for their mail as there was no longer any restriction in the placement of barcode labels or OMR marks.

Woori Bank could now guarantee that mail sent to clients were free of errors and reached their clients at a much shorter time. Woori Bank's mailroom staff also no longer needed to perform matching checks. The inserters were so efficient that Woori Bank no longer use their old inserters despite having increasing volumes of mail.

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  • Timely client communications
  • Integrity to help ensure the right contents are in the right envelope
  • Significantly reduced overall costs

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