Honoring the Best and the Brightest

The Pitney Bowes Brilliant Communication Awards honor leading print and mail organizations - innovators, early adopters and creative problem solvers - who are finding new ways to streamline workflow, market precisely, and integrate digital and physical media to obtain the greatest value from their client communications. They're leading a customer communications evolution using Pitney Bowes solutions to make it possible to lower costs, enhance the value they provide to their customers, and make their organizations more successful.

2014 Brilliant Communication Award Winners

Aflac, Columbus, Georgia, USA

Aflac was awarded a 2014 Brilliant Communication Award for transforming its customer renewal notice into a highly personalized, higher value, full color communications piece - all at a lower cost.

Aflac serves more than 50 million policy holders worldwide. These new higher quality color statements are helping Aflac achieve its goal of building stronger customer relationships and increasing policy renewals. aflac.com

Kuryenet, Istanbul, Turkey

Kuryenet won a 2014 Brilliant Communication Award in recognition of its efforts to provide a faster, more secure statement and card processing service for its clients. Kuryenet created an automated sortation process providing a highly integrated and optimized service. Kuryenet distinguished itself by offering clients an automated process that includes a track & trace feature and a sophisticated returns process. kuryenet.com.tr

Parajett AB, Landskrona, Sweden

Parajett AB was awarded a 2014 Brilliant Communication Award for providing highly personalized, relevant offers and promotions for its customers. Through targeted marketing campaigns, Parajett demonstrated how mail can better engage consumers and improve results. Part of Parajett's success is through the use of color and also harnessing customer data to provide personalized mail pieces. parajett.se

ProForma Twin Marketing Group, Markham, Ontario, Canada

ProForma Twin Marketing Group, one of Canada's premier brand management companies, is a thought leader in leveraging innovative direct mailpiece design to help clients significantly improve response rates. ProForma creates new opportunities for its clients by looking at how data can deliver more targeted and personal direct mail. proformatmg.com   

Wells Fargo, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Wells Fargo was awarded a 2014 Brilliant Communication Award in recognition of its ongoing history of innovation around the mailstream as one of the largest first class mailers in the United States.

Wells Fargo's commitment to building internal business partnerships and being at the forefront of creating emerging regulatory-compliant communications were two of the reasons for this recognition. The Enterprise Utility Services team distinguished itself on many fronts by building industry leading Document Utility Centers that produce mail at the highest levels of integrity.

Additionally, Wells Fargo was recognized as a 2013 Presort Services Client of the Year for its use of new Pitney Bowes' products and services to help drive innovation in proof of induction. wellsfargo.com