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Customer Engagement

Communicate Series: Upcoming and Ondemand Webinars

View or take part in one or more of our webcasts to take an in-depth look at our Communicate Solutions, their core components and how they will play a pivotal part in your CX and digital transformation strategy. Learn about this wide-ranging suite of solutions to accommodate the CX needs of an equally wide range of brands and their target audiences.

Upcoming webinars

Innovations That Drive Superior Customer Engagement         

Wednesday, March, 22 2017, 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

According to a recent study, customer experience is expected to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020. Not only millennials, but every generation is increasingly inclined to interact digitally. Analysts estimate that in a couple of years, customers will manage 85% of brand interactions without a human.

For serving the unique experiences expected by today's connected customers, companies are making digital transformation a priority. IDC estimates that by 2020, enterprises investing in advanced digital transformation initiatives will more than double.

In this CRM Media webinar, we will share our insights on the innovations that digital leaders across industries are deploying to ensure meaningful and relevant interactions with their customers.

Ondemand webinars

Digital Communications Strategy in a Multiscreen World

Recorded on December 15, 2016, 2-2:30 pm ET

According to Cisco, global mobile data traffic grew 74% in 2015, and more than half a billion mobile devices and connections were added.

As more people rely on mobile devices as their preferred communication medium, what’s the best approach for your digital document design initiatives? How does this impact customer experience, expectations, and behaviors?

Join us for an overview of mobile and mobile-first trends, the role of transactional documents, and transforming document design to support optimized, contextual customer communications for a world gone digital.

We’ll also present a financial services use case to demonstrate a real-world application of mobile-optimized, contextual customer communications.

We’ll discuss:

  • Mobile trends, challenges, and opportunities
  • High-impact, interactive push communications
  • Multi-channel and mobile optimization
  • Bullet-proof automated delivery
  • Delivery/interaction tracking, measurement, and analysis
  • Security and privacy essentials

Transform your digital document design for deeper, more satisfying customer engagements.


Real-Time Document Retrieval for Better Customer Engagement and More Effective Digital Transformation

Recorded on December 1, 2016, 2-2:30 pm ET

Contact center. Online Self-Service. Compliance. Your company's need to archive and retrieve customer documents with efficiency is real.

Join us to learn about the critical role of document archiving and retrieval in today's digital transformation and online self-service initiatives. Find out what to look for when evaluating the latest technologies.

You'll also hear about enhancements in the latest EngageOne Vault release for simplifying service, building relationships, and aiding compliance.


Postal Update: Preparing Your Operation and Software for Pending USPS Promotions and Increases

Recorded on November 17, 2016, 2-3 pm ET

The 2017 USPS changes are coming soon. What does it mean for your organization? Are you preparing?

Join us for an overview of USPS promotions and increases for 2017. Hear about strategies and software technologies to make the most of these changes for your organization.

Topics of discussion:

  • Six USPS promotions and incentives over the 2017 calendar year
  • Pending rate adjustments for First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, and FSS
  • PostalOne! release schedule for price change
  • MailStream Plus release schedule for January 22, 2017 implementation

Get information on must-have software for taking advantage of the USPS promotions and minimizing the impact of any new rate increases.


Evolving Toward Omnichannel Customer Experience - Hosted by CRM Media (Technology Roundtable)

Recorded on November 16, 2016, 2-3 pm ET

An omnichannel support environment offers many benefits to companies and their customers. It helps customers get the support they need on their preferred interaction channel. It also helps organizations make smarter business decisions by gaining access to more timely and relevant customer insight. But to succeed with omnichannel support, organizations must plan ahead.

Join inContactAvaya, and Pitney Bowes on this Webinar and learn how to:

  • Leverage proven WFM and QM methodologies across channels.
  • Use post-call surveys and speech analytics to improve omnichannel service.
  • Capture and capitalize on big data across your entire enterprise.
  • Cultivate the ultimate analytics-driven customer journey across all customer touch points.
  • Transform existing self-service channels into active customer engagement opportunities.
  • Provide a simple, consistent, and relevant experience for each customer.

What's new in Finalist 9.2

Recorded on November 9, 2016, 2-3 pm ET

Please join Ron Girard, Principal Software Engineer, for an introduction to Finalist v9.2 to learn about the features and additional improvements in this new release.

Topics of discussion:

  • SHA-256 support
  • New style RDI databases
  • DPV PO Box Throwback
  • Deprecated structures
  • Pre-LACS converted addresses
  • PR address improvements
  • Finalist batch driver changes
  • State road/highway improvements
  • Improved "Error codes"
  • CASS expiration

What's New in EngageOne Video 2.0

Recorded on Sept 15, 2-2:30 pm ET

Our interactive personalised video solution has already helped brands improve customer engagement by delivering higher click rates and longer view times than the industry average.

Join us for a brief overview of EngageOne Video version 2.0.

Several new features bring this solution to the next level by empowering users, improving go-to-market time and enriching data analytics. Get familiar with these new capabilities:

  • New dashboard with analytics
  • EngageOne Video Director
  • EngageOne Video Cloud 

Transform with EngageOne Digital Delivery

Recorded on September 8, 2016, 2-3 pm ET

Join us for a discussion of the new capabilities available with EngageOne Digital Delivery.

Now you can use it to deliver documents to cloud storage providers, digital mailboxes, productivity and payment applications, and online banking providers reaching over 141 million active consumers. These new capabilities dramatically improve the ability of brands to:

  • Increase consumer adoption of digital self-service options.
  • Optimize revenue across touch points.
  • Expand consumer choice of their digital delivery preferences.

Focus on EngageOne Digital Designer

Recorded on September 1,2016, 2-2:30 pm ET

Join us to explore the new capabilities of EngageOne Digital Designer. Hear about its simple and powerful browser-based user interface that significantly decreases the time it takes to create and deliver customer-facing digital communications via email, SMS, and push notification. 

Get familiar with these new capabilities:

  • Designing digital communications simultaneously for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • On-the-go preview of the responsive layout

What's New in EngageOne Communication Suite 4.3

Recorded on August 25, 2016, 2-2:30 pm ET

Join us to learn about the latest EngageOne Communication Suite version that provides a number of enhanced customer engagement tools. Get familiar with the additional functionality now available with:

  • EngageOne Server
  • EngageOne Designer
  • EngageOne Interactive

Your business users can generate real-time personalised correspondence and easily engage customers across every channel and every department.


Discover EngageOne Digital Self Service

Recorded on August 18, 2016, 2-2:30 pm ET

Join us for a brief introduction to EngageOne Digital Self Service. Get familiar with these new components that allow customers to view and pay bills, and access their account history in real time and with the specific level of detail they require:

  • EngageOne Smart View
  • EngageOne Smart Bill
  • EngageOne Smart Pay

Offer customers consistent, unique and personalised experiences tailored to their profiles, purchase histories and billing needs. Get a holistic view their digital interactions and engagement with account information.