Customer Engagement

Pitney Bowes earns leader recognition on CRM Watchlist for 2nd year

By Jeremy Harpham, Manager Channel Enablement, Customer Engagement, Pitney Bowes

The CRM Watchlist is an annual ranking of some of the world’s leading names among companies that are pursuing – and successfully implementing – innovative new approaches to customer engagement, technology solutions and data analytics.

And for the second year in a row, Pitney Bowes has earned the recognition of the CRM Watchlist, ranking as one of 28 leaders on the 2016 list of winners.


What is the CRM Watchlist?

There are plenty of other software vendor rankings and evaluations out there so what exactly makes the CRM Watchlist so different? That difference can be summed up in two words: impact award.

Run by Paul Greenberg of The 56 Group – a key influencer in the customer engagement world – for the last nine years, the CRM Watchlist is an impact award that focuses less on the strategies being deployed by a particular company, and more on the impact that a certain company has on its relevant markets. In other words, which companies are the most established or dominant in a given market, and which are front-of-mind for customers making buying decisions, are key questions in determining what the CRM Watchlist looks for – and which companies make the cut.

This year, 131 companies were submitted for consideration, but only 28 made it to the list of winners and leaders, including, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Adobe – and Pitney Bowes.


Platform Plays On the Rise

Aside from highlighting the most impactful companies of the past year, the 2016 CRM Watchlist also revealed another key finding – namely, that “platform plays” -- software vendors who provide multiple solutions on a single platform rather than individual point solution or application (especially focused on customer service, CRM and customer engagement efforts) -- are becoming increasingly more prominent and important to buyers.  These platform plays are also becoming more widespread among the companies that submit to CRM Watchlist, reflecting the growing acceptance and prioritization of digital and intuitive customer-centric tools.

Software companies that focus on customer engagement and the customer journey as part of their overall strategy are particularly on an upswing. While this was a growing trend among the 2015 winners too, it grew even higher in the 12 months since. 

Pitney Bowes is proud that its industry-leading customer engagement solutions and ability to deliver an omni-channel experience in a borderless ecommerce world were recognized for the second year running by CRM Watchlist.

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