Print and Digital Communications Management

Streamline print and digital customer communications.

Strengthen customer relationships – and maximize postal savings – with unified, efficient and reliable delivery of customer communications across all channels

Print and Digital Communications Portfolio



P/I™ Enterprise Manager

Streamline complex, multi-site printing operations.

Streamline complex, multi-site printing operations with P/I™ Enterprise Manager for peer-to-peer configuration across multiple sites, enabling you to easily balance printing workloads and provide critical overflow or disaster recovery capabilities.

P/I™ Output Enhancement

Reshape the way you communicate to your customers.

Real-time printstream and workflow re-engineering lets you reshape the way you communicate to your customers. Add highly targeted, relevant offers and messages and reap the benefits of one-to one marketing. 

P/I™ Output Manager

Manage complex and highly diverse output technology infrastructures.

With P/I™ Output Manager software, you benefit from greater operational efficiency, productivity and accountability.


Boost the timeliness and efficiency of your paper and digital production.

Boost the timeliness, accuracy and efficiency of your paper and digital document production. Control active print streams, and easily enhance and modify print-ready files in real time, without disrupting operations.