Add full-color, personalized, messaging to your statements and invoices!


PlanetPress allows you to merge variable data to create visually exciting marketing messages on your statements, invoices, and other transactional documents.

PlanetPress is a modular software solution designed for printing and mailing complex documents with advanced output


  • PlanetPress enables the easy creation and printing of transactional (invoice and statement) promotional and transpromotional variable content documents.
  • In addition the software helps automate the distribution (electronic or printed) and processing of these more complex documents.
  • Documents created with PlanetPress can be printed archived emailed or faxed.
  • PlanetPress also creates OMR marks or 2D barcodes to control Pitney Bowes inserters and ensure job integrity process verification and mail security.
  • When combined with other applications such as PBFirst™ for postal processing and pre-sorting PlanetPress can help improve address accuracy and save costs on postage.
  • PlanetPress also enhances the ability to track mail with the Intelligent Mail® barcode.