Understanding your customers and how to find more people like them is key to sustainable growth. With innovative geodemographic segmentation solutions you can create customer profiles to compare and analyze their lifestyles and purchase behaviors to optimize marketing strategies and increase sales.

Portrait Explorer

Make navigating and understanding your customer data as easy as using your digital photo album. With its completely intuitive approach, non-technical users are able to slice and dice customer data on the fly, quickly identifying target customer segments and sharing results across teams.

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Portrait Miner

Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D data visualization and rapid modeling automation, Portrait Miner uncovers important data relationships, helping you to predict future and profit-impacting behaviours, as well as gaining fast actionable insight into your customers.

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Portrait Uplift

Take your marketing strategies beyond the traditional, with our state of the art solutions. Using our marketing solutions software, you can identify key target markets and predict which customers will react positively to your campaigns.

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