Data Integration

Construct data access and data delivery infrastructure allowing for the consolidation of customer information from disparate data sources for master data management, analytics, business intelligence and more.

Data Quality

Ensure that data is fit for use in business processes ranging from core operations, to analytics and decision-making, to engagement and interaction with external technologies by using Spectrum for data quality.

Master Data Management

Establish a trusted, shared, multi-dimensional view of customers to support a wide variety of business operations and decision making.

Customer Information Management Resources

View resources about how companies are able to optimize customer interactions across channels, accelerate compliance efforts, manage risk, and increase business operation efficiency.

Professional Services

When your business requires consulting or implementation support, analytics or managed services, you can rely on Pitney Bowes. Our Professional Services Team will apply proven methodologies and expertise—and help you to cost-effectively plan, build, and deploy high-performance solutions, ensure compliance, and satisfy customers.

Example:  When a Police Department in Australia needed to support its field-based incident management operations with address lookup and “find-the-nearest” technology, they turned to Pitney Bowes.  The Pitney Bowes Professional Services Team built a hosted service for integration with the Police Department’s mobile devices, and efficiently implemented Spectrum Spatial and Address Now modules to deliver the required capabilities.