Neighborhood Boundaries

Delineates the geographies that matter most to customers in the areas where people live, work, and socialize.

Improve local search, provide a better real estate search experience for users and enable precision targeting and relevant messaging, leading to increased customer engagement and conversions. 
  • The most extensive neighborhood boundary coverage available on the market - US, Canada, and 68 countries in Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Includes neighborhood boundaries, centroids, names and ZIP code correlation file in addition to data from city or county governments, home owners’ associations, public service organizations, property and deed records and customer input
  • Updates provided every 90 days to ensure data currency
  • Datasets are easy to integrate; structured with no overlaps or ambiguous boundaries
  • Available formats: PostGIS, WKT, MySQL, SHAPE, TAB, KML




Extensive and detailed coverage

Nearly 200,000 neighborhood boundaries in 978 metros across the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

Filter neighborhoods based on type

More granular classification of Macro Neighborhoods, Neighborhoods, and Sub Neighborhoods to further organize the data for effective application.


Improved user experience

By employing the language that makes the most sense to consumers, we offer users an intuitive way to search for homes, products and services.

Feedback and research have shown that offering the ability to search and compare properties by neighborhood is absolutely key to our customer base. After extensively testing various sources, Neighborhood Boundaries provided the best data and solutions to fit our needs.

Emmanuel Faure, VP of Product & User Experience, Trulia


Home buyers care about neighborhood characteristics

When they license Neighborhood Boundaries, real estate portals can enable home buyers to search for and compare properties by neighborhood. Plus, valuation firms can compare properties in the same or similar neighborhoods for more accurate appraisals.

Leverage familiar language for search engines

By integrating Neighborhood Boundaries into your search application, you’ll help users search for products and services in the same way they think about their local geographies.