Improve the effectiveness of communications you send to your customers

5 Things to Know

5 Things to Know Before You Say No to Color Again

Years of evolution have hardwired our brains to have an attraction to color. Every day, we react to colors without even thinking about it. As marketers, we know that color makes a real difference to the perception of a piece of collateral. However, the issue of cost remains very real for us. Learn more about managing the costs of color content  to increase effectiveness, improve efficiency, and build client engagement.

Deliver relevant, personalized communications

Deliver relevant, personalized communications

As organizations strive to increase efficiencies and make every communication resonate with existing and potential customers, it’s essential for them to be able to deliver targeted and relevant content—the Pitney Bowes FlowMaster® RS Flex can help ensure this is done accurately and cost effectively.

Creating Targeted, Data-Driven Promotional Messages

Zadspace recognized the potential of creating targeted transpromo messaging labels for the outside of merchandise packages that were shipped directly to consumers. But to succeed, they needed to scale their operations dramatically to produce, potentially, billions of labels a year.

Produce more engaging communications for less

Incepture Print Solutions new White Paper Factory, featuring Pitney Bowes IntelliJet 20®Printing Systems and Mailstream Wrapper Productivity Series inserters, transforms rolls of white paper into high-quality, full color communications.

The challenge of invoicing customers

How much of your cash flow do you want to be outstanding due to invoicing issues? Most of your customers will not send you payment for merchandise/services unless you ask for it. Learn the nine steps to do invoicing well.

Cross-Sell opportunities with Transpromo Marketing

Increase sales by up-selling and cross-selling products and services to existing customers.

Step-by-Step guide to implementing personalized messages

Learn step-by-step how to create detailed customer profiles and speak to individuals one-to-one based on preferences and behaviors revealed in their profiles.

The revenue power of personalization

Effective personalization, such as one-to-one marketing, offers a proven method for increasing response rates and building loyal customer relationships.

The RX for Healthcare Insurance Communications

Discover ways health insurance providers can gain and retain customers, change customer behaviors, nurture loyalty and build trust while communicating with members in more cost-efficient ways.