increase operational efficiencies with consolidation, process improvements and workflow automation

deliver enhanced capabilities to grow your business

l & d mail masters, a wbenc certified, full service direct marketing company, provides results-driven campaigns through creative design, high quality print, mailing production and interactive online services to help clients create targeted, user-driven conversations.

ecommerce drives mail center innovation

in the world of commerce, how you ship is as important as what you send.

the drive for efficiency

the drive for efficiency

responsible for the print and production of belgium’s tax documentation and other government communications, fedopress chose to create an end-to-end white paper factory™ that is driving production efficiency and significant savings.

the new "ship from store" reality

the paradigm is shifting from centralized, high-volume shipping centers.

deliver relevant, personalized communications

Deliver relevant, personalized communications

As organizations strive to increase efficiencies and make every communication resonate with existing and potential customers, it’s essential for them to be able to deliver targeted and relevant content—the Pitney Bowes FlowMaster® RS Flex can help ensure this is done accurately and cost effectively.

Consolidate multiple steps into a single workflow

Summit Direct Mail, Inc. in Dallas, Texas is a regional direct mail leader that serves a broad range of clients in the non-profit, financial, retail and insurance sectors, mailing up to 2.5 million pieces daily. Working with Pitney Bowes they added more flexible inserting and advanced product attaching systems to double their throughput, add personalization capabilities and reduce manual processes.

The Challenges of Invoicing Customers

How much of your cash flow do you want to be outstanding due to invoicing issues? Most of your customers will not send you payment for merchandise/services unless you ask for it. Learn the nine steps to do invoicing well.

Speed up receivables build up revenues

Anyone working in finance today understands that every minute and every dollar counts—because small units of money accumulate and grow quickly. For businesses looking to "speed up" receivables processing, learn the steps on how to move forward today!

3 ways to improve mail center efficiencies

A review of your mailing processes can often reveal multiple opportunities for increased operational efficiency and savings. And because sending and processing mail is an ongoing, monthly expense, any savings you can generate though improved efficiency will grow over time. We'll look at three of the most effective ways to leverage automation for maximum output.

Top 5 ways barcoding benefits your business

When barcode technology was initially developed for the United States Postal Service (USPS), it transformed mail sorting from a manual process to a fast, efficient automated scanning process. Today, barcoding can not only be used to sort mail quickly and accurately, it can also be used as a powerful mailing solution that can further benefit organizations in a variety of ways.

Uncommon Direct Mail Postal Strategy, Bigger Savings

Most mailers know about USPS workshare discounts, but this infrequently used strategy can lead to even greater postal savings.

Two for one system replacements

Pinnacle Data Systems, a complete end-to-end document management and transaction mail service provider to the insurance, utilities, telecommunications, financial services and business-to-business industries, replaced legacy inserters at a ratio of two for one with new Pitney Bowes high speed inserting systems.