Who We Serve

Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce Solutions is able to leverage partnerships with a network of ecommerce platforms, solution providers, and systems integrators to offer US retailers a variety of options to easily expand worldwide and serve their global customers.

Our Process

The Pitney Bowes On-boarding Process consists of four phases to that will enable retailers to become international merchants. The On-Boarding Process is designed for use with all of our solution offerings, from Global Checkout to Address Validation.                         

Clearpath Global eCommerce Solutions

For online retailers looking to grow in international markets, our unique services provide; clarity and accuracy in the buying process, certainty and transparency in delivery, and competitive pricing, which will increase buyer confidence, loyalty and drive repeat business.


With the surging global online population, retailers using one of our partner platforms will find it even easier to launch their products internationally. A pre-built extension saves retailers integration time and money and allows them to focus on growing their business.