Enable operational excellence in global ecommerce by eliminating “Border Friction”

The promise of global ecommerce – to buy anything from anywhere – is broken by the reality of border friction.  This border friction is the discrepancy between what buyers and sellers want from an ecommerce transaction, and the tough reality they experience.

There is a big opportunity for online retailers to grow internationally, but they are intimidated by the complexities of cross border shipping options – customs regulations, taxes, duties, etc.  In addition it is difficult for them to maintain the high standard of customer experience they are accustomed to delivering when they cannot provide the international customer with landed costs of goods bought.  These landed costs include accurate shipping costs, duties, taxes and other import charges.

The promise becomes a reality when you trust Pitney Bowes to take your ecommerce business global. We can eliminate border friction and meet key customer needs, enabling operational excellence for your online business. With our experience, and expertise in optimizing cross-border shipping operations all over the globe, you can rely on us to do what we do best, so you can do what you do best – provide a superior customer experience to your international shoppers. 

ClearPath® Global Ecommerce Solution

From an integrated product rating and quoting engine designed with accuracy and services, Pitney Bowes can provide you with the most seamless global solution in the industry. 

What does this mean for your customers? They can now order, track, and receive parcels faster and with more confidence.  


Robust and intelligent classification engine.  Our proprietary artificial intelligence classification system delivers accurate product classification in real-time.

Real-time prohibited goods screening. We leverage the output of the classification engine & identify goods that may violate import/export rules, carrier restrictions or the prohibition on shipping dangerous goods. 

Accurate landed cost engine. By combining the output from the classification engine with predictive analytics models we integrate guaranteed duty, tax, & shipping costs into your checkout.

Low-cost shipping options. The shipping and handling services meet the buyer requirements of low costs, fast shipping & parcel visibility and the seller requirements of simplicity and consistency with domestic processes.  


With the surging global online population, retailers using one of our partner platforms will find it even easier to launch their products internationally. A pre-built extension saves retailers integration time and money and allows them to focus on growing their business.