Global Trade Solutions

Web portal and API web services for importers, exporters and service providers.

Pitney Bowes Global Trade Solutions makes import & export easy. We help many importers, exporters and service providers navigate the complexities of global trade, through easy to use and up to date tools, fast and easy to implement API web services and 24/7 tariff classification services at scale.

Our range of products for cross-border transactions.

Global Trade Portal

Easy to use and always up to date tools for calculation of import duty & taxes, lookup of full digit HS commodity codes & restrictions and management of Guaranteed DDP shipments.

Global Trade APIs & Plugins

Superfast and easy to implement APIs for product classification, import duty & tax calculation, restrictions & compliance management and Guaranteed DDP shipping.

Global Trade Classification Services

24/7 fast turnaround human and machine tariff classification services for 141 countries, including export, import & carrier restrictions.

Our Global Reach

Over 884,888 products

141 import countries

143,720 users