Improve delivery with better data quality, accuracy, tracking and best practices

Shipping Matters to Shoppers More Than Ever

Retailers will need to step up their game this holiday season to appeal to buyer expectations

Cleaner lists

Every year more than 40 million Americans change their addresses. If your mailing lists aren't regularly updated to reflect these ongoing changes, you waste a lot of your marketing budget producing and sending out mail that never reaches its intended target.

Error free mail speeds delivery

Work Bank is ranked as the 65th bank in the world with assets totaling USD28 billion as of 2007. Dealing with their clients' wealth management and financial planning, Woori Bank processes hundreds of thousands of accounts daily. They chose Pitney Bowes mail finishing solutions to increase their mailroom productivity and nullify mail matching errors.

Speed up receivables build up revenues

Anyone working in finance today understands that every minute and every dollar counts—because small units of money accumulate and grow quickly. For businesses looking to "speed up" receivables processing, learn the steps on how to move forward today!

Top 5 ways barcoding benefits your business

When barcode technology was initially developed for the United States Postal Service (USPS), it transformed mail sorting from a manual process to a fast, efficient automated scanning process. Today, barcoding can not only be used to sort mail quickly and accurately, it can also be used as a powerful mailing solution that can further benefit organizations in a variety of ways.

(Success Story) US Census Bureau yields stronger results with integrated inbound and outbound approach

With a mandate to count everyone in the country, the U.S. Census Bureau and the Government Printing Office (GPO) worked with industry experts to design and execute a data-driven approach to direct mail that yielded stronger results and dramatic savings.