Insurers continue to struggle in a very competitive environment – one that is fueled by lower interest rates, higher regulatory reform and compressed margins. Carriers are looking to drive innovation and profitable growth by developing new strategies that improve underwriting and policy pricing, attract new customers, increase retention, and transform the customer experience.

Risk Exposure Management

Pitney Bowes Software offers integrated technologies to accurately identify, assess and monitor risk from an individual policy level to an aggregated, book-of-business view. Combining data with geo-spatial and analytical capabilities, our solution provides critical insight for better risk management decisions to help carrier’s maintain profitability and solvency.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Pitney Bowes Software helps insurers attract new customers while minimizing attrition by delivering customized experiences to their different customer segments. We provide much deeper insights into customers, agents, markets, channels and marketing campaigns to drive growth.

Legacy Migration

It’s time for insurers to replace outdated, print-dominated, proprietary systems with next-generation, omnichannel, open customer engagement platforms. Pitney Bowes helps you create superior customer experiences across all channels, while seamlessly integrating with existing applications and data.

Customer Engagement

Manage and enhance policyholder interactions—across every department—with a single communication platform.