Enterprise Location Intelligence

Our suite of Enterprise Business Services provides you the means to confront and overcome some of the most pressing challenges in business today, including global terrorism, tax liabilities, runaway costs and wavering customer loyalty.


Make qualified business decisions based on location with the help of Pitney Bowes Geocoding solutions.

International Geocoding

For optimal insights and geo-informed decision making, look to Pitney Bowes for the highest quality international geocoding solutions. Coverage spans 200+ countries and territories. Built-in address verification and cascading logic ensure accuracy. Spatial analysis tools let you easily visualize results.

MapInfo Suite

Visualize spatial data and understand relationships between specific locations, allows organizations to make more strategic business decisions.

Market Analytics

Market analytics are essential an decision-support solution for analysts and executives. Now you can make better-informed decisions on site selection, market analyses, property investments and network planning.

Data Products

Enrich, analyze and visualize your business decisions through our extensive catalogue of over 350 unique datasets in 240 geographies worldwide.