Our clients don’t want software, they want answers to business challenges – Only with data does the software provide you with answers!

Enrich, analyze and visualize your business decisions through our extensive catalogue of over 350 unique datasets in 240 geographies worldwide. Access highly detailed and accurate data to help you understand customer segments and make decisions with confidence. Only Pitney Bowes offers the value that comes from a comprehensive data portfolio on a global scale.

          "We’ve reached a time where not only can you live or die based on the quality of your product, but you will die if you stay stagnant analyzing and utilizing data in the same old way."

Ron DiGrandi, Director of Business Development Time Warner Cable

Location Data

Location data offers highly accurate, global geographic and spatial detail for enriching corporate data with spatial information. Analyze business locations, transportation services and highways, or areas at risk of natural disasters. Armed with this knowledge, evaluate markets, the competition and improve your decision making strategies across the enterprise.

  • Domino's Pizza uses location data to streamline and reduce the time spent on the franchise territory planning process as well as improving the customer ordering experience.
  • Pepperidge Farm uses location data to enable employees across the organization to make more informed decisions about how its distribution system will provide service to its retail customers and optimize sales.

Demographic Data

From evaluating and choosing the most lucrative retail site, predicting future service demands and customer needs, to targeted marketing programs, demographic and geodemographic segmentation data can help you better focus your services, products and merchandising mixes and position your organization for greater success.

  • INRIX coordinates demographics and consumer behavior patterns with traffic flow to provide a more robust experience on the GPS to plan a route.
  • Goodlife Health Clubs uses demographic data to improve its site selection process, which is essential for their expansion strategy, to gain a true competitive advantage.

Industry Data

Designed to meet the needs unique to a specific business, these datasets can reveal new growth opportunities, enhance market analysis and competitor evaluations; and provide a competitive advantage when it comes to locating network assets, identifying new customers and establishing other critical business process decisions.

  • Barbican Insurance uses demographic and location data to better understand the level of exposure attached to specific areas, allowing them to help their customers minimize risk and more accurately manage their claims and insurance costs.
  • GreatCall, Inc. utilizes our industry specific datasets via OnDemand, to instantaneously provide accurate nationwide emergency service contacts.
To learn more about our spatial data offerings, visit http://www.mapinfo.com/data to browse our detailed product catalogue.