Exploration Geophysics Software

Accurately model, visualize and assess subsurface terrains in detail. Our suite of industry-leading solutions enhance the analysis and interpretation of airborne and field-based seismic, gravitational, magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) surveys.

  • Explore, manipulate and interpret 3D earth models and data.
  • Rapidly process, interpret and display large EM datasets.
  • Construct 3D models of magnetic anomalies in a fraction of the time.

Add precision to geophysical interpretation and analysis.


Visualize, model and analyze complex, datasets faster with an industry-leading set of solutions.


Better understand relationships between physical anomalies and the geophysical fields they create.


Optimize results with the rapid processing and manipulation of massive datasets.


Applicable to mineral, petroleum and natural gas exploration, mining operations, and environmental industries.

Discover PA

A unified and comprehensive view of data within a single interpretation environment

Apply a thorough, holistic approach to geophysical interpretations and models by incorporating all relevant datasets in the same unified environment.

  • Geophysical Line data
  • Grids
  • Models
  • Images
  • Drillholes
  • Maps and 3D visualizations

Interpretation tools range from easy anomaly picking to advanced 3D model editors. Build complex 3D geological models including strata, faults and intrusions. Or build simpler anomalous points, lines and zones.

Wide range of 3D earth model and interpretation tools

2D and 3D grids (meshes) can be built from point and line data using a variety of powerful gridding algorithms. Advanced calculators allow the logical and functional manipulation of points, lines, grids, voxels and geological features.

Powerful, intuitive filtering

Utilize the most advanced suite of filtering options available for magnetic and gravity interpretation. Demystify Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) filtering and transformation with real-time previews of your processing sequence and easy parameter selection and guidance. 

Modules and options

Discover PA Explorer

Includes a comprehensive library of visualization methods (in curve profiles, section profiles, 2D maps and 3D displays), data linking, import utilities, basic processing, conversions, plus a range of display utilities.

Discover PA Professional

Includes all modules available in the Discover PA Explorer plus a number of additional utilities for extended interpretation such as digitizing features in 1D, 2D and 3D.

Discover Viewer

A light-weight, freely distributable viewer. Share your detailed Discover PA (and MapInfo Discover 3D) environments with clients or other team members to view, interactively explore, understand and print.

EM Flow

Detailed EM imaging of the earth’s subsurface

Display, process and interpret time- and frequency-domain data with speed and efficiency.  Assists with:

  • Geological mapping
  • Orebody search
  • Salinity
  • Other environmental applications

Fast and flexible EM processing

Designed to operate on large EM datasets, our processing system generates conductivity depth sections as well as anomaly identification and modeling tools.

The program can be tailored by processing one or two lines and then applying the parameters to the remainder of the survey or specified lines. 

You can process almost any configuration of transient- or frequency-domain electromagnetic surveys.  EM Flow generates faster results by reducing the complexity of coding required to model different instrument types. Additionally, the deconvolution of line data is presented graphically allowing real-time monitoring of the processing.

Powerful conductivity-depth section processing

  • Customization using component weighting
  • A range of CDI section display options
  • CDI section suspension from topography

Advanced functionality

  • An interactive editor allows you to specify geometry transmitter waveform and calibrations.
  • An interactive import utility supports most multi-column ASCII file types, and provides additional utilities for waveform recorded time windows and transmitter-receiver geometry.
  • 3D integration with Discover PA enables extended visualization capabilities.



Accurate and streamlined magnetic modeling

Faster realistic mapping

Construct reliable geological models of magnetic anomalies in a fraction of the time of manual methods.  The automated ‘Quick Match’ process quickly builds a starting model, then QuickMag refines that model through advanced regularized inversion technology.

Improved accuracy

Interpret depth, structure, lithology and remanence by selecting a suitable model style, or testing against a range of models:

  • Map the depth of cover for intrusions, dykes and folded bedding.
  • Detect remanent magnetic events at previously unreached sensitivities.

Informative and detailed outputs

Customized presentations

Select from a library of templates to create and customize high-quality presentations of interpretations.

Detailed reporting

Provide quantitative estimates of the quality of factors that influence the geological model interpretation. These include the regional magnetic field noise from shallow geological sources adjacent anomaly overlap and inversion RMS match.

Block model spreadsheets

Summarizes the primary attributes of each component of the geological model.