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Digital Insurance 50-state Wildfire Analysis

50-state Wildfire Analysis

Model more effectively, price with greater accuracy, streamline claims and pinpoint opportunities.

Hosted by Digital Insurance (formerly Insurance Networking News)

Insurers across the P&C personal and commercial lines spectrum are challenged without the necessary tools, data and technologies to be able to fully understand potential exposures and price risk accurately.

This is especially evident when viewed from the perspective of a sudden, catastrophic loss in an otherwise unsuspecting geographical area. The devastating wildfire in Gatlinburg, TN is just one of many examples of the need for technologies that will help us better understand the risk analysis required that take into account complexities of wildland-urban interfaces and unanticipated exposures.

Find out how leading insurers are combining geodata with superior risk assessment capabilities and automated GIS output to improve everything from cat modeling to enhanced claims planning to disaster response.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Enrich wildland fire policy analyses and rating.
  • Understand and plan for property replacement costs.
  • Create custom rating territories.
  • Perform disaster scenario analyses.
  • Educate your policyholders on preparedness and risk.

Geospatial analytics goes mainstream: Discover the datasets that add accuracy and precision to Cognos Analytics

Perficient and Pitney Bowes are teaming up to put more accurate geospatial analytics within your reach. The proliferation of location-based data offers endless opportunities for organizations that have the right strategy, partners, and tools. Join us and learn about the World Boundaries Data that’s now embedded directly in IBM Cognos Analytics. With greater accuracy and precision, you can make timely and informed decisions across 240 geographies worldwide. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

- Specifics on the boundary data included 
- Real-world business applications 
- How geospatial data can deliver actionable insight 
- Additional datasets that can help you solve even greater challenges 


Joe Francica, Managing Director, Location Intelligence, Pitney Bowes 
Heidi Geronimo, Principal Product Manager, Location Intelligence, Pitney Bowes 
Mark McDaniel, Senior Solutions Architect, Perficient

How to Turn up the speed of GIS with MapInfo Pro Advanced

MapInfo Pro v16 Advanced revolutionizes the way GIS professionals use grid and imagery data and will dramatically improve efficiency. MapInfo Pro Advanced is a next generation raster grid-based engine and data format that offers high speed processing without the traditional trade-off in quality. These capabilities are implemented across a complete location intelligence suite, bringing new applications from the desktop to the server and across the web and mobile.

High-speed precision: Simple ways to accelerate geocoding, spatial analytics and address management

With our new Location Intelligence for Big Data solutions, you can embed data quality and geospatial processing directly into your big-data applications. The result: high-speed accuracy and precision.

MapInfo Pro Virtual Meetup

The first-ever, global event for MapInfo users. Join us for the MapInfo Pro Virtual Meetup. This two-hour online event is geared for MapInfo Pro users who want to achieve more in less time.

Learn how to see it faster and solve it sooner with MapInfo Pro v16

The world’s premier desktop mapping application just got a power boost. Pitney Bowes is proud to announce the release of MapInfo Pro v16. Access rich data, explore intuitive functionality and generate answers faster than ever. Learn more about the latest version of this legendary mapping tool and how it can create efficiency and results for you and your organization.

In this webinar


The wait is over: MapInfo Pro™ Advanced enables massive GIS productivity gains

Working with huge datasets used to be prohibitively slow, and any additional speed came at the expense of precision. Not anymore. Today, the multi-resolution raster technology in MapInfo Pro Advanced delivers lightning-fast performance on multi-gigabyte data files. You can perform real-time analysis, and instantly pan and zoom with virtually no delay or compromise in image quality.

In this webinar you will learn:

Speaker: Elliott Cox, Associate Product Manager, Location Intelligence, Pitney Bowes


Why Business Intelligence is Embracing Location Intelligence 

Location intelligence and new mapping visualization tools provide a unique perspective on proximity relationships missing from the standard views business intelligence platforms commonly offer. More than ever before, organizations need to derive meaningful insight from geospatial data relationships to solve complex business problems.

Join us for this webinar for insights into:


Innovations in Geocoding 2016

Location matters, whether you need to save lives, cut costs, engage customers or reduce risk. In this webinar, Pitney Bowes GIS experts will provide an overview of the latest enhancements to our geocoding capabilities. You’ll learn about a powerful new way to link information in our data-saturated world. Plus, you’ll see how new breakthroughs make enriching your business and customer data easier and more intensive.

Maximize Business Intelligence with Location Intelligence. Apply geospatial insight to every business decision.

Eighty percent of data contains a spatial component, but few Business Intelligence platforms take advantage of Location Intelligence. Now you can uncover proximity relationships and patterns often unrecognized with simple charts and graphs…


Interactive demo: Experience the productivity, power and precision of MapInfo Pro™ desktop GIS

See how the most accessible and user-friendly GIS got a power boost with the newest version, MapInfo Pro v15.2 64-bit.We'll begin this interactive session by covering the basics and move into more advanced capabilities.


Introduction to the new 64-bit MapInfo Discover Bundle (version 2015.2)

Watch an in-depth demo (1 hr, 45 mns) targeted toward new users of the 64-bit MapInfo Discover Bundle including installation and licensing, new features and more.


Impact critical business decisions with geo-enriched data and geospatial insight

Deliver enhanced geospatial insight by infusing your data with value-added information required for critical business decisions.


The Next Opportunity with Global Data 

Learn how our data is used in a wide range of verticals. Backed by the analytical power of the Location Intelligence Suite, our detailed and accurate data can help you make decisions with confidence.


MapInfo Pro™ 64-bit: Making the switch from 32-bit

Upgrading to a new version of software can be a challenge. We understand. This session will help users familiar with the 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro to become proficient with the new 64-bit version…


The Next Opportunity with Financial Services and Retail Data

Learn how our data is used in an extensive range of vertical markets, including the financial services and retail market. Backed by the analytical power of the Location Intelligence Suite…


Optimizing Your Network with Telco Data

Learn how our data is used in an extensive range of vertical markets, including the telecommunications market. Backed by the analytical power of the Location Intelligence Suite…


Minimizing Risk with P&C Insurance and Re-insurance Data

Learn how our data is used in an extensive range of vertical markets, including the P&C and re-insurance market. Backed by the analytical power of the Location Intelligence Suite…


Learn How Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Got a Power Boost with MapInfo Pro v15.2  

The most accessible and user-friendly GIS just got a power boost. We’re proud to announce the release of MapInfo Pro v15.2 64-bit version and the introduction of the all new Advanced version…


Making the Connection—Combining Location Analytics and Business Analytics

Spectrum Spatial for Business Intelligence (BI) provides advanced location analytics. Together with Intelligent Data Solutions (IDS), we explore the integration of our solutions with MicroStrategy BI.


Manage your Public Infrastructure with Confirm and “Do More, With Less"

See how Confirm, an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution, is specifically designed to empower public entities with the insight to make informed decisions on repair, maintenance and investment…


Introducing the Local Government Enterprise Program (LGEP) 

We’ve helped local government authorities improve efficiency, community engagement, citizen services and better manage assets for over 20 years. The LGEP provides councils with affordable access to…


How to Add Location Analytics to Business Intelligence 
Spectrum Spatial for BI provides advanced location analytics to understand the “where” factor in location-based information. Together with HP and Comerit, we explore applications and workflows...


Location Intelligence in the Real World: Context Driven Business Opportunity

Are you ready to see and act on the environmental, logistical, and geographic factors that matter to your business? Discover how location intelligence can unlock visual insights that will boost your…


Turning Up the Speed of GIS with MapInfo Raster 

MapInfo Pro Raster will revolutionize the way GIS professionals use grid and imagery data and will dramatically improve efficiency. It’s a next generation raster grid-based engine and data format that…

Improve Community Engagement with Web Mapping

Your community wants to access council information at any time, from any device. Learn how Spectrum Spatial Analyst, our interactive web mapping solution, makes it easy for councils to engage with….


Location Intelligence—Driving New Insights in the Physical and Digital World of Commerce

Your customers can access product information from anywhere and can engage with or purchase from you at any time. This presents unique challenges for gaining insight from location-based data…

  • An overview of the latest enhancements in MapInfo Pro v16
  • Gain insight around the value of raster GIS visualization and analysis
  • Learn about access to a new online global geocoding service and new data sources
  • How to drive down analysis times by visualizing data over huge areas
  • What it’s like to open huge data files in just seconds, and get working moments later
  • What becomes possible when the strengths of vector- and raster-based data and analysis techniques are combined
  • How these exciting changes will impact all GIS professionals, but particularly those in insurance, retail, the public sector and telco
  1. How our consumer mobile behavior contributes to the plethora of location-based data
  2. Creating a competitive advantage using location as a key differentiator
  3. Transforming visual maps into advanced spatial analysis
  4. Technology solutions available to maximize your business intelligence