Shipping and mailing just got easier. And more affordable.

Print online postage and shipping labels with pbSmartPostage™

Online postage stamps and shipping labels are a real time saver for business owners. Simply log in to pbSmartPostage™, weigh your mail piece or package, and print the exact postage you need. Stop running out of stamps and avoid more trips to the post office.

Online postage software also saves you money by giving you access to reduced USPS® rates on postage and shipping, as well as keeping you IMpb-compliant. Plus, your account is available from any PC or Mac with internet access.

Print Shipping Labels

For faster package shipping, our online postage software lets you print IMpb-compliant shipping labels quickly and easily. You can print shipping labels onto standard paper or adhesive labels from any office printer. You can also print shipping labels directly onto adhesive labels using a thermal printer. 

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Track Postage Expenses

pbSmartPostage helps you track all of your postage expenses in one place. You can view expenses by recipient, mail class, cost center, and more. Get a handle on postage costs and save your business money.

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Enabling Java

Java software is free and is a necessary component in order for you to use pbSmartPostage. This guide will walk you through the set-up process for your browser.

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Print Online Postage

With our postage sheets you can print your own adhesive online stamps from any printer. There's no special device needed to get started. You can also print postage directly onto envelopes or adhesive labels using a thermal printer. 

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USPS Savings

With pbSmartPostage, you receive USPS commercial base rates, saving you up to 49% on Priority Mail® and up to 55% on Priority Mail Express™. You also receive a 2% discount on stamps.

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