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As leaders in the industry, Pitney Bowes designed pbSmartPostage to maximize savings for small business owners who mail and ship, even on-the-go. It’s never been easier to print USPS® stamps and and barcode shipping labels at the best rates anytime, anywhere — saving you money and time-consuming trips to the post office.

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Our intuitive interface, easy package tracking and one-click access to account activity, makes mailing and shipping from your business more efficient than ever. With pbSmartPostage, you’ll never overpay for postage again.

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Offer good for new customers only. After the 60-day trial, pbSmartPostage will be $9.99 per month, plus the cost of postage, refills and supplies you use. If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel anytime with no further obligation. Any unused postage will be returned by the USPS. Internet connection required with pbSmartPostage. Cannot be combined with any other offer. By ordering, you represent that pbSmartPostage, meter and/or scale will be used for business or commercial purposes only, and this is not a consumer transaction. Pitney Bowes, the Corporate logo and mailstation2 are trademarks owned by Pitney Bowes Inc. Post Office, Priority Mail, Express Mail and Delivery Confirmation are trademarks of the United States Postal Service. Additional terms and conditions apply to your rental in accordance with the applicable Pitney Bowes rental agreement that will accompany your order.