Mailing & Shipping

Whether you are a small mail center or a large production shipping operation, Pitney Bowes has a portfolio of shipping solutions to give you better visibility and control over your inbound and outbound shipments, effectively manage costs and make better business decisions.

Customer Engagement Software

Uniquely combine open, next-generation, multi-channel customer communication management solutions, data quality and integration tools, predictive analytics, and legacy migration expertise.  

Customer Information Management

Spectrum technology from Pitney Bowes helps organizations provide trusted customer data and associated insights, in context, to such business applications as business intelligence, analytics, data warehousing and CRM. This allows organizations to personalize the customer experience across channels, accelerate compliance initiatives, better manage risk associated with customers and make business operations more efficient.

Location Intelligence

The ability to visualize spatial data and understand relationships between specific locations, helps organizations make more strategic business decisions. We call this location intelligence, and by leveraging location-based data, companies can identify business growth opportunities and improve the sharing of information.

Global Ecommerce

Powering more cross border transactions than anyone else on the planet!