Improve the effectiveness of communications you send to your customers

Better serve your healthcare clients

Incepture Print Solutions new White Paper Factory, featuring Pitney Bowes IntelliJet 20® Printing Systems and Mailstream Wrapper Productivity Series inserters, transforms rolls of white paper into high-quality, full color communications.

The Intelligent Mail Barcode: What You Need to Know

Organizations that adopt the IMb are eligible for automation discounts that in some cases can be as high as 50%. For those already receiving automation discounts, they must switch to the IMb before January 28, 2013, in order to keep receiving automation discounts. Learn more about the IMb and how it can help you be more cost effective, too!

Uncommon Direct Mail postal strategy, bigger savings

Most mailers know about USPS workshare discounts, but this infrequently used strategy can lead to even greater postal savings.

How to Reduce Mailing Costs: Best Practices for U.S. Businesses

Do you know where to look to calculate the true cost of your mailings, including labor and postage? Learn how to find your hidden costs, as well as practical tips and best practices to help you lower mailing costs in document composition and design, address quality, and mailing suppliers.

Cleaner lists

Every year more than 40 million Americans change their addresses. If your mailing lists aren't regularly updated to reflect these ongoing changes, you waste a lot of your marketing budget producing and sending out mail that never reaches its intended target.

Savings through document preparation and optimization

One major opportunity for increased productivity, reduced expenses, and higher revenues can be realized by replacing slow, expensive, manual document preparation processes with automated solutions.

Growing revenue with transpromo marketing

Leverage existing customer touchpoints—such as monthly statements, invoices, or account updates and reminders—with transpromotional marketing for a cost-effective way to drive more business.

Speed up receivables build up revenues

Anyone working in finance today understands that every minute and every dollar counts—because small units of money accumulate and grow quickly. For businesses looking to "speed up" receivables processing, learn the steps on how to move forward today!

The myths behind outsourcing

As businesses search for new ways to offset the negative effects of today's economic challenges, the question of outsourcing production functions versus handling them in-house is a common and important one that should be considered carefully.

Three ways to improve mail center efficiencies

A review of your mailing processes can often reveal multiple opportunities for increased operational efficiency and savings. And because sending and processing mail is an ongoing, monthly expense, any savings you can generate though improved efficiency will grow over time. We'll look at three of the most effective ways to leverage automation for maximum output.

Ways to save with postal pricing

Learn some of the most valuable recommendations and strategies for mitigating the increasing cost of postage.

Two for one system replacements with updated technology

Pinnacle Data Systems, a complete end-to-end document management and transaction mail service provider to the insurance, utilities, telecommunications, financial services and business-to-business industries, replaced legacy inserters at a ratio of two for one with new Pitney Bowes high speed inserting systems.