USPS® 2017 rate changes reveal incredible 3-cent savings

By Paul Kovlakas

The U.S. Postal Service® recently announced its slate of proposed rate changes for Mailing and Shipping Services, scheduled to go into effect January 22, 2017.  As part of the new 2017 rates, the postage price for one-ounce Metered First-Class™ Letters is dropping from 46.5 cents to 46 cents, while the postage rate for a one-ounce stamped letter is growing from 47 cents to 49 cents. For the first time ever, small businesses will be able to reap 3-cent savings on metered letters over stamped letters. Three cents, or 6 percent, off of every First-Class letter you send – that’s tremendous savings for businesses!

Mail is an incredibly effective, efficient and now even more affordable way to communicate with your customers.  Businesses of every size need to look at how they are mailing and shipping to make sure they’re taking advantage of the best that USPS has to offer, and Pitney Bowes can help you do that. Pitney Bowes postage meters will not only automatically save you three-cents per First-Class letter come January, but will also help you with your shipping needs as those rates change in the new year, as well.  Our meters allow you to choose USPS® shipping options online, print labels and track from one application. Plus, you’ll save an average of over 12 percent on Priority Mail® and over 11 percent off Priority Mail Express™.

Mailing and shipping continue to be integral to the operation of every business, from sending out invoices, to communicating with existing and new customers, to shipping goods. Pitney Bowes makes it easy to do all of that and, thanks to the USPS, at an affordable price.

For more information on the coming 2017 rate changes for Mailing and Shipping Services, keep checking in with Pitney Bowes.

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