Shipping & Mailing

Mail & Parcel Sorting

Enjoy high speed and high integrity sorting with solutions for every kind of volume. We offer production mailers with seamless integration into all software systems.

Tailor made, high-speed parcel sorting systems

Discover a new dimension in automated parcel data capture.

Supporting direct mailers across every key process.

Low cost of entry for a new level of First-Class Flats discounts.

Maximize First-Class Mail discounts and induct mail closer to its destination.

Innovating your mail tracking experience

Maximize postal discounts and move mail closer to its final destination.

Presort with maximum precision

Optimize parcel mailing costs with our national presort network.

Presort your metered mail and get a discount.

Optimizing Postage Spend Through Innovative Mail File Analysis

Big sorter capabilities in a small package

High speed letter processing with innovative in-line options.

Sort remittance mail at up to 45,000 pieces an hour.

Automate difficult-to-sort flats and small parcels.

The benefits of USPS Intelligent Mail at your fingertips.

Need to mail later in the day? We got you covered.

Achieve the ultimate in USPS delivery speed.

Optimize your daily sort schemes to reduce your overall sort time.

Get higher postage discounts over multiple days.

Gain more control over Direct Mail USPS in-home delivery dates.

Better integrate sorting into your overall production print and mail operation.