Shipping & Mailing


Our high performance mail finishing solutions offer a unique combination of productivity, flexibility and integrity.

Monitor your operation’s performance and improve productivity via real-time data.

Spend less time stuffing envelopes with the fast and simple to use Relay folder inserters.

The simple way to increase productivity and accuracy.

Intelligent machines by design help operators work smarter.

Application flexibility to grow new revenue streams.

Powerful, flexible mail finishing in a smaller footprint.

Consistent high performance on a flexible platform.

Process more mail on every shift.

A high integrity, high speed inserting solution.

High-speed inserting meets high-quality communications.

Drive your inserter performance.

Print personalized remittance envelopes and inserts in-line.

Higher effectiveness. Lower costs.

Productivity, durability and integrity with a small footprint.

Insert at the speed of right.

Cost-effectively process short-run and manual jobs with accuracy.