Print shipping labels and online postage with ease

The pbSmartPostage online shipping and mailing solution is designed to save you time and money. It's ideal for any business, from home offices to multiple location enterprises. There's no software to install. Simply sign up and start printing USPS® stamps and IM®pb-compliant shipping labels.

Special online offer includes:

  • 30-day free trial*
  • Free 5lb digital scale
  • Free Starter Kit (Shipping labels and stamp sheets)
  • Save on the new USPS® shipping rates - save up to 51%

*Postage, supplies and carrier charges apply. Unless you cancel during the 30-day trial, monthly charges will apply.


Save time

Printing shipping labels and stamps is quick and convenient. Never run out of stamps again and effectively eliminate trips to the post office. 

Save money

Save up to 51% on Priority Mail®, up to 10% on Priority Mail Express®, 1% off First Class™ stamps and avoid fees by printing IM®pb compliant labels. 

Exact postage

pbSmartPostage works with a range of digital postal scales from 5lb to 70lb, ensuring the correct postage every time. You can also print exact stamps.

Track & control

pbSmartPostage includes real-time cost tracking and reporting by cost account or location. This helps you monitor and control your postage spend. 

Features & Specifications

Plan after trial:

  • $15.99/month after 30 day free trial

Core supplies

  • 5lb digital weighing scales
  • Two free self-adhesive online postage stamp sheets
  • Two free self-adhesive online postage shipping labels sheets

USPS discounts

  • Up to 51% on standard USPS® Priority Mail®
  • Up to 10% on Priority Mail Express®
  • 1% discount on First-Class™ stamps

Reporting and tracking

  • View expenses online. By cost center. For Enterprise accounts, by location and cost center.
  • Produce consolidated online reports

Payment options and rewards

  • Multiple payment options - major credit cards, Purchase Power or Reserve Account
  • Earn rewards and savings with a Purchase Power® or Reserve Account

Enterprise accounts

  • One view for all of your online and meter postage spend.
  • Set and monitor spending limits by location
  • One statement and one payment for all online and meter postage
  • Call 855-839-5235 to learn more

*Postage, supplies and carrier charges apply.  Unless you cancel during the 30-day trial, monthly charges will apply.