A mailing system that’s as versatile and fast as you are.

Connect+® 1000

The Connect+ 1000 has the ability to turn every envelope into a promotional mailpiece, delivering marketing messages on transactional mail. That’s on top of being the most productive and the easiest-to-use mailing system ever produced.

The revolutionary new Connect+ 1000 is a win-win for your business. Not only can you make money by turning every piece of transaction mail you already send into promotional mail but you can save money at the same time -no more need to spend on printing and storing custom envelopes when you can print your own as you go!

Revolutionary Printing

  • 1200-dpi HP powered ink-jet printing in process color or black and postal-compliant red fluorescent
  • 7/8" printing path across full length of the envelope top and bottom front or back
  • Generate revenue by printing marketing messages on transactional envelopes
  • Cost effective printing - especially for small print runs

Web Connectivity

  • Download applications directly to the machine
  • Direct access to Pitney Bowes services like MyAccount Buy Supplies and Address Verification
  • Get the most current domestic and international rates
  • Access to package tracking for all major carriers
  • Instant access to support


  • Intuitive color touch-screen interface
  • Built-in on-screen tutorials
  • Programmable Job presets

Connect+ 1000 Features

  • Three speed options: 130 (standard) 160 and 180 letters per minute
  • Adhesive tape
  • Closed-flap sealing
  • Black ink printing
  • Color ink printing
  • New pump-fed pad sealing system
  • On-screen keyboard (full QWERTY)
  • Flexible printing

Peripheral Options

  • Drop or power stacker
  • Laser Report printer
  • Bar code scanner
  • Wireless keyboard with trackball

High-Speed LAN Connectivity

  • 25' LAN cable standard
  • Wireless LAN options
  • Sprint 3G cellular available

Color Touch-Screen Display

  • 10.2" standard
  • 15" optional

Interfaced Scale Options

  • 5-lb.10-lb. 15-lb. small-platform capacity
  • 15-lb. 39-lb. 70-lb. 149-lb. large-platform capacity
  • Differential weighing optional


  • MyAccount
  • Package Tracking
  • Address Correction
  • Postal Tools
  • Pitney Bowes Mail Services

Software Options

  • Confirmation services and electronic Return Receipt
  • 100 department accounting (scalable to 3000 accounts)
  • Includes surcharge and weight-break capabilities
  • Energy Star mode

Core Supplies

  • Postal ink - three cartridge options: standard large and production
  • Printhead life: 800000 cycles - customer-replaceable supply item
  • Tape - 5" roll approximately 600 indicia per roll

Rating Capabilities

  • Classes and extra services are selected and viewed side by side. See total postal amount and individual rates for each class and service making shopping very easy
  • Change carriers and any rating factor at any time
  • Manage a list of favorite rates or rate combinations making repeat tasks easy
  • Pick from the last 10 class or class and extra service combinations
  • On-screen keyboard for easy input of ZIP Code or other destination information

Standard Rating

  • USPS® Domestic Rates
  • USPS® International Rates
  • USPS® Shipping Services Rates