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What You Need to Know About Communicate Solutions: The Core Components

By Manmohan Gupta, Marketing and Planning Strategy Lead, Software Solutions, Pitney Bowes Inc.

Today, Pitney Bowes rolled out Communicate Solutions to redefine the customer engagement game and what it means to be a successful, consumer-focused 21st century business. It isn’t just one product or solution, but a wide-ranging suite of solutions to accommodate the CX needs of an equally wide range of brands and their target audiences.

Here’s everything you need to know about Communicate Solutions, its core components and how they will play a pivotal part in your CX strategies:

1.       EngageOne Digital Self Service: Gone are the days when disconnected portals bombarded customers with more information than they could possibly need, much less make sense of. The new EngageOne Digital Self Service solution – including EngageOne Smart View, EngageOne Smart Bill and EngageOne Smart Pay – transforms existing portals to provide customers with consistent, unique and personalised experiences tailored to their profiles, purchase histories and billing needs.

2.       EngageOne Video 2.0: Our interactive personalised video solution has already helped brands improve customer engagement by delivering higher click rates and longer view times than the industry average. EngageOne Video 2.0 brings this solution to the next level, offering new features that take aim at empowering users, improving go-to-market time and enriching data analytics. These include the new dashboard, which provides analytics about unique customer visits so companies can have a better understanding of their customers’ behaviour, the EngageOne Video Director, which offers more personalised ways for brands to assemble and edit videos on their own, and EngageOne Video Cloud, which allows brands to choose their own deployment with increased automation of live service deployment to the cloud.

3.       EngageOne Communications Suite 4.3: Comprising of EngageOne Server, EngageOne Designer and EngageOne Interactive, the 4.3 release of the EngageOne suite provides a number of enhanced customer engagement tools. These tools allow for an improved user experience that saves users minutes (and in turn, boosts productivity) when searching for specific tasks, communications and review projects; increased collaboration between business and document services team through the change management process; higher quality and reduced risks associated with changes to communication templates; and lower total cost of ownership by eliminating application server pre-requisites.

4.       New Digital Design and Delivery capabilities:These new capabilities are delivered via EngageOne Digital Designer, which allows clients to design digital communications simultaneously for desktop, mobile and tablet, along with on-the-go preview of the responsive layout, and EngageOne Digital Delivery, which expands delivery options to include cloud storage providers, digital mailboxes, productivity and payment applications and online banking. The new capabilities dramatically improves the ability of brands to increase consumer adoption of digital self-service options, optimise revenue across touch points, and expand consumer choice of their digital delivery preferences.

Learn more about how Pitney Bowes cutting-edge tools for customer engagement help to build brand loyalty, deliver meaningful customer interactions and craft uniquely personalised customer service. Check out Forrester Consulting’s whitepaper, “Making Customer Lifetime Value Real,” for more insight on how to maximise your customer lifecycle with empowering and relevant interactions. 

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