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EngageOne® Video and customer engagement in the financial services world

By Liz Roche, Director, Product Marketing Customer Engagement Solutions, Pitney Bowes

Financial services is a major customer-facing industry, and it’s one where leveraging proper engagement and communications channels is absolutely paramount. After all, finance concerns everyone, but it’s not something that everyone is well versed in. Having the helping hand of someone who knows what they’re talking about is key, whether it’s in a conversation about stock portfolios, diversifying funds or taking out loans to support (or start) a small business.

To that end, financial service firms will see their success hinge on how well they can engage with their customers and give them the answers they need to understand the issues that most concern them.

Unlocking New Means of Engagement with Video

Interactive, Personalised Video marks a bold new front for financial services to engage with their customers. Because of the medium, it captures and retains a customer’s interest in a way that other communications channels can’t: It’s visual and speaks directly to them. More importantly, because it is driven by a personalised component – one that’s steered by the customer’s own interests – it creates an experience tailored specifically to each customer. This personable approach helps to make each customer feel valued and craft a unique experience.

That’s good for the customer, but Interactive, Personalised Video holds a mutual benefit for financial services professionals, too. It’s a versatile communications channel that can be deployed at multiple points throughout the customer life cycle. It’s not an exclusively top-of-the-funnel tool.

To that end, Interactive, Personalised Video can be utilised to onboard new retail customers, activate credit cards, present billing statements and offer “virtual advisors” for wealth management, to name a few examples. Each of these points serve to both engage new customers and retain current ones, driving longer and more satisfying customer engagement experiences – which, in turn, fosters stronger customer relationships.  This leads to reduced costs and churn, improved targeting and maximised customer lifetime value all across the board.

View a demo of Pitney Bowes’ interactive video solution for customer engagement, here.  EngageOne Video. Or view the Curian Advisor demo now.


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