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Enriching health plan member engagement with interactive personalised video

By Deb Purcell, Director, Healthcare Solutions, Pitney Bowes

Health plans are making it a priority to improve quality through member engagement. It seems the industry as a whole is making strides – the 2015 Member Health Plan Study from J.D. Power found a 10-point improvement in industry wide member satisfaction thanks, in part, to better communication between insurers and members.

The key word there is communication. Healthcare is personal. When you broach sensitive and complex topics like healthcare, you need to be able to have conversations based on trust, which is established by anticipating and addressing each member’s individual needs. Most importantly, communication can’t flow in one direction – health plans need to be able to have two-way dialogues that allow members to ask questions, address concerns and take action.

Of course, it isn’t feasible to sit down with each member and meet face-to-face.  And a lot can be lost in translation when communicating in writing or even over the phone. Fortunately, new technology is helping to make up the difference by empowering health plans to hold meaningful, two-way conversations with each member remotely.

It’s called EngageOne® Video, a fresh platform for plans that strive to enrich their member engagement efforts. Interactive and personalised, EngageOne Video offers each viewer a self-serve, real-time video experience on any device. Viewers can interact directly with the video to take action, drill down for more information and seek answers to their questions.

Better member engagement can help you increase enrolment and retention, reduce contact centre costs and claims costs, maximise reimbursements, and improve quality ratings. EngageOne Video can get you there. Here’s how.

Reach more members with your best service conversations

Think about the approach and qualities you would expect out of your best member service representatives.

They would likely understand that a lengthy lecture isn’t the best way to educate members about coverage or billing terms. Instead, they would deliver information in manageable portions, take breaks for questions, dive deeper into specific topics at the member’s request and recommend the best follow-up actions for that member’s personal situation.

EngageOne Video replicates that experience by putting the flow of the conversation in members’ hands, making it an asset for onboarding initiatives, service upsells or one-on-one member help requests.

Promote behaviours that reduce costs and improve health

Health plans and providers increasingly understand that patient care now extends far beyond the four walls of a hospital or clinic. Patients are also taking a more active role in personal health management. It’s all about collaboration. These forces can combine to improve overall health and lower costs for patients, providers and insurers.

EngageOne Video can play a role here by providing members with the individualised guidance to understand the importance of screenings and preventative measures.  And it goes a step further by enabling plans to integrate their most important calls to action, like signing up for programs, scheduling appointments or making payments.

Drive retention during critical transitions

Better member engagement and communication helps health plans improve retention. EngageOne Video enables plans to reach out to members prior to a plan change and anticipate questions before they are asked. EngageOne Video gives you an opportunity to address concerns before the member decides to look at other options.

Technology, like interactive video, creates new opportunities for health insurers to raise the quality of their interactions with members, driving satisfaction and improved outcomes. These tools are crucial assets at a time when members demand transparency and crave control over their personal health.

To learn more about EngageOne Videos’ potential to help you achieve your member engagement goals, view our latest healthcare video demonstrations.  ABC Health Insurance or Acme Healthcare

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